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by Alex Brzezicka

Welcome to the valley of misty mountains, rain and transcendence.

Ann Chang’s Temporary Before Permanent was one of the most deeply honest exhibitions this year. I felt like I had been invited into Chang’s home and shown family photographs. Around fifty prints housed in acrylic frames show momentary memories of Taiwan, a means of melancholic remembrance, that feels deeply personal to Chang, yet universal in their emotion. Intimate prints display the everyday housed within transparent blue vases; a girl stood in the rain or a rabbit shielding from the wind. Evoking Elizabethan portrait broaches or passport photographs of a loved one in a wallet, we all carry our own objects of the past. I was left with a level of introspection pondering the past snapshots that would be housed in my own vases. – Jacob Lomas (Writer and curator with Shed Project Studio)

Sometimes minimalism of the form can go a long way especially if something you want to capture is of an ethereal nature. Ann Chang’s print exhibition featuring only blue carbon stencils has conveyed it perfectly. Dipped into transparent acrylic frames the images show the artist’s spiritual and personal journey between continents, mindsets and symbols. They’re caught in the in-between state, just a minute away from becoming permanent for someone else. 

Ann Chang is an artist, illustrator and painter, originally from a small Taiwanese town. With a vast background, from fashion design, art school to practical effects, Ann’s a well-rounded and well-travelled creative influenced by stories and aesthetics from around the world. Currently living in London, she combines Eastern sentiments with Western experiences. Her art is full of natural elements, rains and storms, composed of smooth lines. There’s a sense of a quiet harmony and peace to them all, conveyed in stoic silhouettes and seemingly effortless designs. The most prominent are vases, coming in a variety of shapes, structures and surroundings around them. Depictions of flowers, naked women’s bodies, animals and astronomical objects populate most of the containers. 

At the first sight, the prints might not speak volumes but when listening closely and carefully, the story they tell starts to captivate. It’s a soft protest against permanency and limitations of what art can and cannot be. Ann Chang aims to disrupt the definitions of what should be already abolished and is, maybe just not in officials’ dictionaries. 

The works are zoom-ins on a particular moment of the whole process of creation and represent the fruits of a dialogue between artist and active spectator. The exhibition is curated on the grounds of sentimentality, as the artist has dedicated herself to collecting all the stencils from sessions, and persistence in a quest for a perfect shape. A final form that’s despite the illusion, always temporary.

Ann Chang’s full story is coming soon to tmrw, for now find the rest of her work on Instagram here.

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