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From worn-out tyres to scrap-heap face masks, Public Fibre have cheekily polished trash into luxury commodities.

How much trash have you bought in your lifetime? A lot, we’d wager. Single-use and self-obsolete things; knick-knack and bric-a-brac; curios, objects and objets; bargains, barters and Black Friday must-haves. Some sit in drawers, others in deserted storage rooms, destined for the dump (or, if you fancy shocking the local Whatsapp group, flytipping!)

For their Anti Black Friday campaign, sustainable luxury portal Public Fibre have taken literal trash and offered it ‘for sale’. Why? Well, we’re so used to buying rubbish already, how different is it to buying something we are disposed to discard, has no real value and ends up in landfill?

The collection is the kind you might accidentally see handpicked and displayed on your local high street kerb: food wrappers, plastic bags, masks, straws, face masks and even a big old tyre. 

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Public Fibre have packaged each item online as if it were a luxury item, fit with a heavy duty GSM tag and slick accompanying campaign. ‘Buy More Rubbish’, reads the capsule’s slogan.

Without offending too many brands, the products at a first glance could be a new campaign from a hyped-up streetwear brand. Supreme sold sand timers, Off White sold a pillowcase with Ikea – is a nicely packaged can all that different?

It’s important to note, though, that you don’t actually get the items (which we’re thankful for, considering we’d rather not be landed with a used bit of PPE). Instead, all the money goes towards the Ocean Cleanup, a not-for-profit that works to remove plastic from the seas.

Our pick? The tyre, we reckon – it’s the best reinvention of the wheel we’ve ever seen.

The Public Fibre ‘Buy More Rubbish’ collection is available to ‘buy’ here now.

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