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by HQ

On the first day of the season, tmrw gives to you…

Welcome to tmrw’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. This year, we’re thinking about aesthetics: how we curate, collect, and covet material cultures in service of crafting and reflecting our identities. Let us take you on a journey through the surfaces and textures which defined 2022 – from the reclamation of the coquette, to the affected irony of blokecore, to the indie sleaze resurgence, and beyond. It’s a reflection of the ideas, trends, and communities which have blossomed in our cultural dreamscape – but mainly, it’s a guide to the things we’ve loved this year. We know you’re going to love them too. 

On the first day of the holidays, tmrw gives to you… The Emo Edition.

Have they been binging Wednesday on Netflix all week? Can they not get enough of Phoebe Bridgers? Or are still mourning missing out on When We Were Young tickets? In 2022, emo was officially back, so whether they’re an O.G. scene kid or just new to the scene, we’ve got you sorted. Whether they’re obsessed with Hayley Williams’ iconic hair colours, looking to revamp their wardrobe with some slow-alt-fashion, or trying to find the ultimate pencil eyeliner, being emo has never been easier. Give the gift of expression this holiday season, with our stupid, emotional, obsessive little emo gift guide.

Glossier’s No1 Pencil in Ink

What does every emo need? A long-wearing pencil eyeliner that doesn’t skip, tug, or transfer. We’re obsessed with Glossier’s No1 pencil – creamy and soft, it glides on the skin and leaves you with a sharp, defined line. Whether they’re going for a classic winged line, or a smudgier look, this is – literally – the number one pencil. Available in 10 demi-matte, high-pigment shades, you can’t go wrong with Ink, Glossier’s take on a classic, every-day black. If it’s good enough for Olivia Rodrigo, it’s good enough for us.

Shop it here.

Good Dye Young’s Streaks & Strands: Lightening Kit

Founded by our forever emo-queen Hayley Williams (of Grammy Award winning band Paramore, in case you live under a rock) and her longtime BFF, hair stylist and makeup artist Brian O’Connor, Good Dye Young is a creative collaboration from the heart in more ways than one. Wanting to bring together and create a community celebrating “self-expression, colour and happiness about being who you are”, Hayley and Brian have a shared passion of empowering us all one squeeze of dye at a time. Hayley explains: “Our purpose is to create an all-inclusive culture that inspires creativity and empowers everyone’s journey through self-discovery with a whole lot more fun so we can all dye happy.” You can’t go wrong with any of their iconic products, but we think the one that summarises it all is the Rainbow Kit: featuring their Streaks & Strands: Lightening Kit to create the perfect base and 5 different shades of Streaks & Strands Semi-Permanent, you can express yourself in whatever way you want with their nontoxic, conditioning formula that offers the best vibrancy in the hair dye game. The colour lasts between 15-24+ washes, but the freedom and happiness lasts a whole lot longer.

Shop it here.

SKOOT Apparel jeans

The brand founded by a multidisciplinary artist dipping in grotesque and surrealism MLMA gained a mass of cult followers bowing to her extraordinary designs. Bringing together manga-inspired drawings with rules-breaking silhouettes, the brand thrives on the edges of high fashion and subculture. It attracts all kinds of scene kids with a fair share of emos. SKOOT understands and offers a shoulder to cry on and killer clothes to conquer any mosh pit in. We stan Dream Walker Pants, a full-ripped denim fantasy with strategic zips and bandage-like belts.

Shop them online here.

Phoebe Bridgers’ Apparel

Bringing back the emo of old but rebooted in a boundary-breaking alt-folk-indie-pop-rock icy blonde package, Phoebe Bridgers is our saviour every day. Getting us through the wintery days with her soothing sounds, and getting us through this wild world with her powerful activism too, Phoebe is what emo is all about in 2022. Express your love for her, skeletons and all things moody melancholia with some of the best merch around: from spooky sweatpants to cosy, to scorpion or bat adorned tees and downright playful creations, there’s something for everyone.

Shop it online here.

Dolls Kill’s ‘Love is Pain’ choker bra

Dolls Kill needs no introduction. They’ve been slaying the affordable alternative fashion game for a while now. From boots to stomp on the system to dresses to impress the toughest in the underworld, the brand gives a bit of spice to the subcultural garments. Anyone embracing the emo is guaranteed to fall painfully in love with their Widow Love Is Pain Choker Chain Bra. Made from shiny vinyl and vegan leather, it will suit any dark seductress or a fun-seeking novice. Featuring a removable chain with a double o-ring charm, the piece allows adding on the fantasy as the sun sets.

Shop it online here.

UNIF’s Screaming Inside tee

Make feeling your feelings a fashion statement with this buttery soft black crew neck from UNIF. We love the embroidery on the front, elevating the piece above your usual graphic tee. And where better to get your fix than from UNIF, the ultimate heritage brand for the emo generation? Perfect for anyone whose Spotify Wrapped included any of the following: Olivia Rodrigo, Paramore, or Yungblud. Give the gift of letting them scream their little emotional hearts out.

Shop it here.

Avril Lavigne’s Love Sux vinyl

If there was one sign that emo was back this year, it was Avril releasing new music – chunky boots, smudgey eyeliner, and straightened hair intact. The eight-time Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum singer/songwriter released her new album, Love Sux, via Travis Barker’s DTA Records – and you don’t get more in the emo family than that. The 12-track album is Avril’s seventh studio album and marks the first new music to be released from the star since 2019. Whether they’ve been there since the ‘sk8er boi’ days or are discovering the queen of emo for the first time, they’ll be spinning this one all year long.

Shop it here.

Br0ken Brainz tie

Welcome to the br0kenbrainz dimension where the founder Chlo turns pain into beauty and a series of often one-off designs. It’s alt-slow fashion at its best. The devil truly is in the details and we can’t get enough of them, from full symbols patches, and carefully placed safety pins to playfully hot pieces. Everything’s gender-neutral and inclusive so anyone can embrace their true self with class. To get a taste of emo elegance, there’s br0ken dreamz classic tie. Perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a casual hangout with friends, throwback club night or a family dinner. It’s about time to mix tradition and trouble again.

Shop it here.

Vivienne Westwood’s Johanna Heart Mini Backpack (in black, obvs)

Now we all know our dear Vivienne is a punk through and through, but would emo even exist if it wasn’t for those genre-smashing (and other-things-smashing) anarchists?! Made from entirely vegan faux grain leather, this cutesy little backpack is enough to warm even the blackest of hearts. Why not wear yours on the outside for a change?

Shop it here.

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