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by HQ

Dust off your copy of Alexa Chung's 'It' and press play on Arctic Monkeys, we're taking it back to Tumblr time...

Welcome to tmrw’s 2022 gift guide. This year, we’re thinking about aesthetics: how we curate, collect, and covet material cultures in service of crafting and reflecting our identities. Let us take you on a journey through the surfaces and textures which defined 2022 – from the reclamation of the coquette, to the affected irony of blokecore, to the indie sleaze resurgence, and beyond. It’s a reflection of the ideas, trends, and communities which have blossomed in our cultural dreamscape – but mainly, it’s a guide to the things we’ve loved this year. We know you’re going to love them too.

On the second day of the holidays, tmrw gives to you… The Indie Sleaze Edition.

Black coffee, holes in tights, chipped nail polish, a cigarette, and a touch of grit and grime: indie sleaze is back. Redolent of ’60s mods and ’90s grunge, soundtracked by Arctic Monkeys and The 1975, and worshipping at the shrine of patron saint Alexa Chung, this aesthetic was back in full-force this year. Whether your grungiest bestie was throwing menthols at Matty Healy last week, blowing the dust of their favourite Strokes vinyl, rebooting their Tumblr blog, or refusing to take photographs on anything except a second-hand Sony Cybershot T10, you’ll make their holiday wishes come true with our indie sleaze gift guide…

The 1975 – “The Band” tee

“I’m with the band,” might be the four coolest words in the indie sleaze dictionary. Following the release of their fifth studio album, Being Funny in a Foreign Language, The 1975 are back in our ears, behind our phone screens, and on our shirts. Half-irreverent, half-earnest, and served up with a heady dose of egoism, the band is making us feel like it’s 2012 all over again. And, in typical Matty Healy fashion, their band merch makes a statement: the perfect if-you-know-you-know gift for someone in their indie sleaze era.

Shop it here.

KVD’s Tattoo Liner

How to find a fellow indie sleaze in case of emergency? Follow the trace of leftover black eyeliner. Even though the aesthetic thrives on a little messy, somewhat smudged aesthetic, getting the right product here is the most serious of matters. You really want to match your favourite indie artists’ grungy garms, and luckily the iconic alternative beauty brand KVD cooked up an eyeliner to trump all eyeliners. You’d be able to master signature make-up looks to imperfection. Oh, it’s also waterproof and ready to take on any amount of band-crush-break-up tears and mosh pit sweat.

Shop it here.

Chamberlain Coffee’s Night Owl Gift Box

Now you might be saying to yourself, “anyone born after the Millenium does not understand the true meaning of indie sleaze’, and perhaps you might be right. But if you very much do understand it, you will know the true importance of coffee. And if there’s a Gen Z-er who truly values that, it’s one Miss Emma Chamberlain of Chamberlain Coffee: a brand built on pure passion for the stuff, a true ex-Tumblrite will love Emma’s aesthetic designs and even more aesthetic paraphernalia. We recommend the Night Owl, because night time is indie sleaze time: “woke and wise, this is the essential midnight oil rose”, the brand describes “Rich and velvety, toasty and creamy with notes of dark chocolate, honey sweetness, and toasted walnuts. With this blend, the night is always young.” I’m sure even Sky Ferreria would approve.

Get it here.

Réalisation Par’s The Kaia

Inspired by 90s silhouettes, this long sleeve button front top features tailored bell sleeves, velvet-covered buttons, a nipped waist and a slim fit. Luxurious yet understated, the top comes in Réalisation Par’s signature silk blend brushed velvet, and it pairs perfectly with low-denier tights (polka-dots optional, unless you’re the girl in an Arctic Monkeys’ song), a Levis’ mini skirt, and a little artfully-smudged mascara. The buttons mean this top is super-versatile, whether it’s undone for a messy, effortless effect (think Kate Moss leaving a gig at 3am) or buttoned all the way up for an everyday take on the aesthetic.

Shop it here.

MELLER’s Kessie All Black sunglasses

There’s nothing that finishes off the outfit or hides the signs of bad sleep/tremendous hangover better than a pair of sunglasses. As 2022 has been all about reinventing 2000s aesthetics, with the contemporary throwback came modern brands reinterpreting Gen Z moods. Meller is any indie kid haven, featuring luxuriously affordable sunglasses. They’re simply sleek, adventurous and edge-breaking. This time, we put on Meller’s Kessie All Black, a chunky, nostalgia-driven classic model. Happy or sad, at least on the outside we’ll look like our past Pinterest feeds.

Shop them here.

Urban Outfitter’s Audio-Technica UO Exclusive Record Player

Record players might have been in fashion for a few years now, but no American-Apparel-wearing, Chloë-Sevigny-reblogging, MGMT-listening indie kid is complete without a pristine vinyl collection. This fully automatic record player from Audio-Technica connects to powered speakers and headphones via cables or Bluetooth for an unforgettable, flexible listening experience through your whole space. Complete with two speeds – 33 1/3 and 45 RPM, it includes a turntable, dual RCA output cable, and removable dust cover. We’re obsessed with this rose-quartz colourway, available exclusively at Urban Outfitters.

Shop it here.

Arctic Monkeys’ The Car vinyl

Now you’ve got your record player, you’re going to need something to play on it, and who is indie-sleazier than the Arctic Monkeys themselves. You could return to the classics and rewind to 2013 with the help of AM or transport even further to the days of Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, but may we suggest their new album The Car, on rather fetching custard yellow vinyl from Juno Records… If we can count on anyone to bring these vibes to 2022, it’s Alex Turner. I mean, “You’re getting cynical and that won’t do / I’d throw the rose tint back on the exploded view / Darling, if I were you” from There’d Better Be A Mirrorball is definitely something we would’ve quoted on our blogs back in the day.

Get it here.

Barbour by ALEXACHUNG’s Euginie Casual Jacket

In 2012, we’d go crazy for anything that Alexa Chung will touch, and in 2022 thanks to Barbour’s collab we feel exactly the same as we did a decade ago. When we spotted Barbour by ALEXACHUNG’s Euginie design, it had to land on the list as the season’s top priority. The piece rocks a longer-length design with super cool sherpa material, but the real eye-catcher is the PVC finish, giving it a bit of a trashy elegance vibe on top of its already stylish ’70s feel. Here comes the chance to feel like you’re not only ‘with the band’ but in the band too. Rock & roll, baby.

Shop it here.

Bella Freud’s Loving Candle

Where twee and indie sleaze come to meet, Bella Freud shows were where the 2010s It Girls would sit FROW before the LFW parties began and the mascara started to run. From her covetable ‘1970’ jumpers to her odes to the Beat Generation, Bella knows how to get the Tumblr-girls to click reblog. If you’re feeling a bit partied out though, or if you need something to illuminate your afters, look no further than Bellla Freud’s Loving Candle where “the pleasure is in the fantasy…with tantalising notes of Tuberose Absolute sitting in the heart, caressed by the warmth of Amber Crystals silently balanced by Sandalwood”.

Get it here.

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