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by HQ

On the third day of our gift-mas run away with our cottagecore gift guide...

Welcome to tmrw’s 2022 gift guide. This year, we’re thinking about aesthetics: how we curate, collect, and covet material cultures in service of crafting and reflecting our identities. Let us take you on a journey through the surfaces and textures which defined 2022 – from the reclamation of the coquette, to the affected irony of blokecore, to the indie sleaze resurgence, and beyond. It’s a reflection of the ideas, trends, and communities which have blossomed in our cultural dreamscape – but mainly, it’s a guide to the things we’ve loved this year. We know you’re going to love them too.

On the third day of the holidays, we take you to an idyllic natural haven… Run away with our cottagecore gift guide.

It’s the aesthetic we flocked to during the pandemic, and it’s one we’re not getting sick of any time soon. For the person who would rather lie in a field and sleep in a nap dress, drink lavender-flavoured cocktails and gather vegetables in the garden, the cottagecore aesthetic is the ultimate balm to 21st century nerves. Bring a little whimsy to their holiday season and let the countryside into their everyday life, whether it’s filling their room with plants, floating around in a floral dress, or keeping a little piece of the natural world close to their chest – from butterfly motifs to fairy-emblazoned phone cases.

Hillhouse’s The Ellie nap dress

Don’t sleep on Hillhouse’s signature garment – unless you want to. A dress so soft and comfortable you’ll find yourself having sweet dreams, whether you’re asleep or awake. A nap dress is a must-have for your favourite cottagecore fanatic, the perfect piece to swan through life feeling like Marie Antoinette in her countryside residence. And when Hillhouse say it’s a wear-everywhere dress, they mean it: the flattering silhouette and floating skirts are perfect when dressed up with heels for parties, but all they need to do is slip a turtleneck underneath and bring a little bit of cottagecore magic to the office.

Get it here.

Fortnum & Mason’s Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Plate

After a lovely time in a garden picking self-grown veg or a calming walk in the woods among fairies and listening to Wet Leg on repeat, we’d go back to a cottage/small city apartment to cook. It’s not always about what’s on the plate but also about the plate itself. Obsessed with the ones that our grandmas would offer delicacies on, we set ourselves on the quest to aquire the tastiest piece. Fortnum & Mason served us a winner – Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Dinner. Matching tableware to the dish is our new favourite thing. Enjoy.

Get it here.

Wildflower’s Libra Fairy iPhone Case

The sign of balance and harmony, who is more cottagecore than a Libra? And I mean, the key is in the name, if you’re going to have some technology in your natural fantasy, you may as well have a Wildflower case-covered phone. Featuring a fairy balanced atop a “floral-wrapped moon”, this pinky-green limited edition protector is just as pretty as the sign it’s made for. Don’t fret, other 11 star signs, there’s a phone case just as cute for you too…

Get it here.

Hieronymus Bosch: The Complete Works

No painter depicts better folklore nightmares and dreams than Hieronymus Bosch. Before exploring his twisted dimensions, we recommend calling on guardian angels and mysterious demons as no faint-hearted person can endure works as wicked as his. Especially when admired in Taschen’s new limited edition book, ‘Hieronymus Bosch. The Complete Works’ is in hardcover with 2 fold-outs and a ribbon bookmark packed in an elegant box with a handle. Prepare yourself for a journey through the incredible curves of the 15th-century collective subconscious filled with subverted Christianity and creatures from outta-this-world. It’s splendid.

Get it here.

The Stem’s Monstera Deliciosa

Indoor plants are cottagecore’s answer to living in the city in tiny apartments. No one makes it easier to be surrounded by greenery and life than The Patch, who will deliver a huge range of beautiful plants to their door. And for those of your loved ones who are a little less green-fingered and a little more head-in-the-clouds, a Swiss Cheese Plant is the ideal gift: easy to take care of, happy in the bathroom or kitchen, and, with a little love and care, blooming tall and fresh. Make their environment a little more wistful and give the gift of nature.

Get it here.

Before July’s The Arabella Top

You can’t go wrong with a puff-sleeved top, and Before July are in the business of making custom-made, custom-fit clothes that are super-sustainable and made to order. Made from 100% cotton and available in a rainbow of colours, this is a dreamy gift for someone special whose taste you know by heart. And it’s another super-versatile piece which they can wear all-year-round, for any occasion, because even the most escapist dreamer can’t spend all their time hidden in the countryside.

Get it here.


Emma Pryde’s Blue Butterfly Necklace

Originating somewhere in between lockdown, folklore traditions and TikTok, the fantastic trend for whimsical jewellery that brings us the nostalgia of childhood, unbounded imagination and pure playfulness, has reached its heights this year. Suddenly candy-coloured decorative bits started to pop up on celebrities’ outfits, influencers and cities’ streets. We dug our Emma Pryde’s Blue Butterfly necklace from the meadows full of mushroomy rings and flower beads. Gem-stoned for gods and featuring a giant transparent butterfly, it’s a charming little addition to the wardrobe of any nature-loving fashionista. It invites you to indulge in spring adventures with winged creatures as sidekicks.

Get it here.

Tanqueray No. Ten Gin Gift Set

Is there a beverage better suited to the great outdoors? Made of nature, it’s meant to be had within it, so slurp up the botanicals sat amongst the flowers. A perfect gift for your cottagecore cweens, this set features a bottle of Tanqueray No. Ten along with a bespoke citrusy candle made in collaboration with cult brand cent.ldn. A dreamy combo.

Get it here.

Philosophy Snow Angel Gift Set

A perfect winter gift to get your summer-loving pals, Philosophy’s Snow Angel Shower Gel & Bubble bat and Body Lotion are fan favourites for a reason. Bottling up the smell of fresh air and white flowers, this scent cleanses and conditions whilst nourishing your skin through the cold months until you can run barefoot through the fields again. Dreamy.

Get it here.

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