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by Alex Brzezicka

We chat to the trailblazing musician about how she's celebrating Earth Day with this vital eco collaboration.

You better bet on Cat Burns as she’s one of the hottest players on the Gen Z music field right now. Cat not only serves all of the right shots in her honestly smooth lyrical game but knows the best brands to collab with. She teamed up with evian and MATE.Bike in an Earth Day giveaway.

Carbon neutral certified and stylishly packaged in pastels water brand, evian, and Danish iconic e-bike company, MATE, created a limited edition of the bubblegum-pink bikes. Pro-progress and with sustainability in mind, the brands want to promote changing our usual commuting habits, either if we’re rushing to work or take it slow in a holiday mode. Let’s ditch the car and hop on the bike.

Both brands know that there’s power in community. Luckily, they’ve got the coolest, planet-conscious followers, from tennis stars Emma Raducanu and Maria Sharapova to TikTok viral sensation, Cat Burns. All of them got their hands on customised bikes to promote a healthy change. Sometimes all it takes to get the ball rolling, and the Earth moving towards a brighter future, is one person leading the way.

Today, we got Cat Burns breaking down to us what it means to be sustainable, how she enjoys the ride so far and what it means to be a black queer musician in 2022.

Can you tell us a bit about the evian x MATE collaboration?

evian has teamed up with MATE.Bike to create a limited-edition e-bike in evian’s signature pink and they’re giving them away on Instagram this week to celebrate Earth Day. The collaboration is raising awareness on how small changes, such as swapping your car for a bike, can help us all work towards leading more sustainable lifestyles.

What convinced you to take part in it?

As I continue my own sustainability journey, associating myself with like-minded brands that are also trying to be more sustainable is definitely an important factor when it comes to deciding whether I want to work on a campaign. When I think about my own journey towards being more sustainable, I think about the small lifestyle changes I can begin to implement that can lead to a bigger impact. That includes considering my environmental impact when travelling, and that’s why this campaign felt relatable to me. It’s all about the small changes that lead to bigger ones!

You’re pretty active on social media, from sharing your experience as a queer person to promoting this campaign. How important is spreading awareness for you as an artist?

Very important! I built my following myself and always wanna make sure my supporters feel included in everything I do! Because they’re such an important and key part of my career!

Do you feel like those in the public eye have a social responsibility to talk about sustainability/climate crisis on their platforms?

100%, as someone with a following I feel it’s important to make an active effort myself because I know people will ask me where I get stuff from or want to emulate how I may live my life so making sure it’s in the most sustainable way possible is my way of doing my part.

Your Insta bio says that you’re helping get through shit one song at a time, what song are you working on right now?

SO many songs! I’ve written a song about being a people-pleaser, the feeling of falling in love for the first time, dealing with low self-esteem & healing past traumas! I really want people to feel heard when they listen to my music.

Have you got any songs that helped you in that way?

My song ‘Free’ helped me massively, the feeling of coming out is so unique to queer people, and being able to encapsulate that into one song means the world to me, being a black queer artist to me means telling stories, making people feel represented in my music videos and songs, it’s about being vulnerable, honest & authentic!

To learn more about Evian click here, Mate. here and click here to enter the competition to win a bike.

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