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COVID-19A message from us

by Joe Brine

We're taking extra precautions, supporting creatives & still printing tmrw in all its 100% recycled paper beauty.

It’s been a hugely testing time for everyone. Decisions on whether to continue to stop trading or persevere have been stressful for all. We’ve been lucky in the sense that the tmrw team are used to working remotely across borders. We’d like to send our best wishes to all the independents not so fortunate, who have been put in a precarious situation by Covid-19.

We’d also like to offer our sincere appreciation to the incredible key workers keeping people safe, too. They are the true heroes of today – a huge thanks all of them. Which makes it in our heads, sometimes, feel a little trivial that we’re out here making dungaree puns or highlighting the best new surf-rock banger.

We know, however, that creatives and other independents, artists and representatives rely on tmrw’s output just as much as we do. We also know that tmrw, like our last issue’s theme suggested, is a great source of escapism for many people. Providing a distraction through quality print is what we do best – and right now, that’s never been as important.

We will, then, continue with a shortened calendar of printed issues, the first new release coming today. We’ll be making sure that the production process is as stringent and well-informed as possible.

In regards to packaging, our distributor, Newsstand, have ensured us that the safety of their staff is paramount to their operation. Packing stations have been placed 2m apart and shifts have been split into three a day to allow as few people as possible working together, and at a safe distance. Gloves are being worn all day by all workers in the warehouse and no external contractors or delivery drivers are allowed to enter or access the building. We hope this gives you peace of mind that our contracted packing team and yourselves are as safe as possible. We’re blessed to be able to still deliver the magic of print, support artists and independents and connect people in these isolating times. We hope you enjoy the small pleasure of fresh ink, on 100% recycled paper, as much as us.


Mischief; noun. This volume looks at playful misbehaviour. The rule-breakers and the game-changers. The ones who take what is normal and make it their own – ensuring they have fun with what they’re doing along the way.


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