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The rapper and provocateur jumps on the NFT bandwidth wagon with three cyber garments.

This year, the word of the year isn’t actually a word, really – it’s ‘NFT’ – which stands for three words, ‘Non Fungible Token’. Which, to the unenrolled, genuinely sounds like it means absolutely nothing at all. It’s also worth mentioning that it sadly beat ‘cheugy’ to the top, possibly the finest word to come from the Gen Z dictionary thus far. Sad times.

Anyhow, NFTs are here to stay, whether you understand them or not; and if it’s the latter, just remember that they’re entirely unique digital assets that you can pay a lot of crypto for to own and then trade, and you’re halfway there. The music industry has bought into it big time recently, with crypto pioneers the Kings of Leon (wait, what?)  releasing the first ever NFT album, Grimes selling $6m of them earlier this year and new platform Royal raising millions to realise its crypto-music crossover.

Now, Tommy Cash – Estonian rapper and provocateur – has entered the arena via a cyber collection made with augmented reality wardrobe platform ZERO10. Inspired by the artist’s trademark Post-Soviet aesthetic, the miniature capsule sees three new pieces with excellent names – the Soviet Car Transformer, the Virginity Leaf and the Bread Jacket – all rendered in 3D. They revolve around Cash’s commitment to champion inclusivity and sexual freedom, and the ‘Virginity Leaf’ has also been minted as an NFT, meaning you can own and wear it via Rarible if you shell out 0.1ETH (about three-hundred quid).

“Fashion has always been perceived as a form of art, with designs showcased in galleries and owned by museum archives, acting as a commentary on the culture of the time,” says ZERO10 founder George Yashin. “NFTs are becoming so popular not only among art collectors but also in the fashion industry for a reason. The collaboration with Tommy Cash highlights the eternal relationship between fashion, art and culture, bringing his unique vision and creativity captured in time in a new digital form.”

Granted, not all art and music industry leaders think this way; just today, Brian Eno described NFTs as “a way for artists to get a little piece of the action from global capitalism, our own cute little version of financialization.” Ouch! Wherever you sit on them, though, this Tommy Cash capsule genuinely feels like a slice of the future. The Bread Jacket might not be the best thing since sliced bread, but who doesn’t want to look like a loaf of Kingsmill in the Metaverse?

Ten limited edition NFTs are available, priced at 0.1ETH and allowing the buyer to wear the Virginity Leaf in the ZERO10 app.

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