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This devilish new editorial courtesy of the maverick fashion platform celebrates on-set nightmares.

Often, in the fashion world, things go really, really wrong. Anyone who’s been in even a mile radius of a shoot or big fashion show knows the smell of sheer panic, of stylists, talent and press ricocheting off each other like some sort of demonstration of atomic physics.

A full dream diary of nightmares can happen. Whether it’s sizzling lights smudging makeup or supremely bad hair days, shoots are notorious for the odd, shall we say, hiccup. 


No fear, is cutting-edge designer space and agency hundredshowroom’s response. For this special Halloween-themed editorial, they’ve embraced the many ghastly happenings that industry creatives have experienced and made it part of the actual aesthetic.

As hundredshowroom’s Valeria Aleksandrova summarises: ‘It combines every creatives’ nightmares when on set…make up getting smudged as the lights are too hot, a bad hair day hair that the artist can’t control, clothes that are not flattering, models in a bad mood, or  a photographer having the wrong lenses and old film. Everything that we love to call fashion.’

Enjoy – and have a wicked time whatever you’re up to.

Words by Kyle MacNeill / photography by CELIA TANG / art direction and styling by VALERIA ALEKSANDROVA / make up by LEANDRA KISS @leandrakis / filmmaking by LIDIA SHAFRANOVA @lidiashafranova / music by AL BALLENTYNE / modelling by EGLE MACI @egle_maci / production by hundred showroom @hundredshowroom

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