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Featuring monster claw boots and a five hundred quid frisbee, because.

Every week, we deliver DROP EVERYTHING – a first-class round-up of the most urgent, sustainable, progressive and forward-thinking releases that need to go straight into your wardrobe.

The AW21 campaigns are here, and like a sprinkling of grain into a Wagyu cow’s trough, they’re making our feeds all the better. Out are the floaty dresses, gingham prints and rectangle shades, and in comes comfier, warmer wear for the final embers of summer and the initial chills of winter. While it’s easy to get a little distracted by the more lavish, decadent efforts (we see you, Casablanca), we’re keen as ever to shine a Class 4 laser light on brands pushing sustainable products to the fore. This week, we’ve got an eclectic edition of green drops, from ghoulish footwear to fabric odes to water and, yes, for real, a frisbee that costs over half a grand.


A PR’s dream, Florence-based label AVAVAV hit headlines on the regular for their outrageous, outlandish pieces. Whether it’s wearable, oversized asses or boots that look like they’re bleeding, few brands are doing anything remotely as visually exciting, even if it’s a heck of an ask to wear some of the zanier items. Yesterday, they dropped Collection 3, and it’s as out-there as ever, plus handmade to order with recycled fabrics. Oversized coats that look like melted-down marshmallows cover pretty, asymmetrical pastel shirts and swirly, baggy pants. It’s impossible to ignore the star of the show – a return to the brand’s signature statement boots – featuring Bloody Finger Feet heels, vertiginously high Very Slimy Feet and a simply scandalous pair called The Claw, only available on loan.

Drop everything and get…the Apartment Dress in Black. Win every unspoken house party best-dressed comp this season.


Water’s half good, ain’t it? The most vital of liquids keeps us all going, so it’s little wonder that it’s often referenced in fashion, from Di Petsa’s iconic ‘Wet’ lingerie to Alexander McQueen’s iconic Plato’s Atlantis show. TTSWTRS – the Ukraine-based brand collaborating with tattoo artists and adored by Grimes – are on the same tip this year, with a FW21 collection inspired by H2O. Every single piece is organic and fully recyclable, and the collection is three times smaller than previous ones to reduce waste further. Focusing on pure, theatrical white bodysuits, dresses and jackets splashed with aqua blue and featuring co-designs with tattoo artists Nissaco and Nikita Khomiakov, it’s literally giving us life.

Drop everything and get…the Tyvek Puffer Jacket, featuring a printed iceberg graphic on the inside.


We’ve been banging on about Ahluwalia for ages now (like here, here, here…) and for great reason: it’s the most exciting, innovative sustainable label in the world right now. Headed up by Westminster Menswear grad Priya Ahluwalia, it weaves together her Nigerian-Indian heritage with London’s streetwear scene and seventies-inspired patchwork patterns. Ahead of the new AW21 collection ‘Traces’, she’s dropped a limited edition capsule of extra pieces, reworking colourways and patterns from the main collection. Think a remix album, with bonus tracks, but before the album itself, but with colour block trackpants instead of tracks. Make sense?

Drop everything and get…the Zig Zag short sleeve shirt, finished in Klein Blue, black and white with a beaut red spell-out on the side.


Look, we all know that outdoors fashion is no longer your Dad’s knackered Karimoor jacket or fetid Coleman backpack. But we’re still getting our melons around high fashion’s entry into the market [see North Face x Gucci] with hiked-up prices and the kind of luxury fabrics you wouldn’t want to wear out for dinner, let alone on a muddy hill in the Peak District. We’ll allow this new pop-up of Prada Mountain, though, as it’s heaps of fun. Premiering in Stockholm right now, it features recycled nylon vests and knitwear made from reclaimed melange mouliné yarn, which we’re not exactly sure what it is but it sounds lovely. Oh, and then there’s a $650 frisbee, which you should never, ever, ever throw anywhere near a mountain.

Drop everything and get…the aforementioned Frisbee. Or maybe don’t, tbh.

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