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Event Round-Up: Tia O’DonnellMIND FULL

by Eddy Walker

Shining light on the deep and dark corners of the mind, we visited Tia O'Donnell's latest exhibition Mind Full.

A rising star in the art world, Tia O’Donnell uses her own experiences as an influence and illustrates her struggle with mental health and anxiety. Recently hosting her first solo exhibition as a declaration of love to her “past, present and future self,” Mind Full explored the innards of its creator. 

“I had to ask myself a few times if I was ready to show everyone my innards but since realised that no painting is beautiful just like no person is perfect,” Tia said. “My work is about me since that’s all I know. That’s not because I’m anything special. It’s just simply all I know inside and out. All I want from this public exposé of my insides is self-acceptance. The public can eat my work and walk away full, or walk away hungry for more, I don’t care what happens as it’s not for anyone else but myself.”

For Tia, it’s apparent that the importance of honesty surrounding the topic of mental health is what drives the art itself.

“Hurting is my inspiration,” she added. “I’m not a cliché—I’m just honest. I imagined a space where I could map everything out like a crime scene and see where it all began. Connecting the dots and finding the root of meaning. Talking about the mind and wellness is important to me. It’s important to unlock conversation on unspoken topics.”

Speaking on the night, Tia said, “I have never been so overwhelmed in my life. I felt every emotion that was humanly possible. It was a space filled with opinion, and it was as if I’d read everyone my private journal from start to finish.

“I felt vulnerable yet powerful.”

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