Festival Big Hitter
Lollapalooza Berlin

Now in its 5th year, the two-day festival continues to be a pull for huge international acts.

If like me, you thought all Berlin was good for was long nights of heavy, drug-fueled Techno, you’d be sorely mistaken. In early September, 160,000 revellers from across the world descended onto the Olympic Park for two days of pop-predominant festival fun.

The festival spans the entire Park, which is a lot larger than it first appears, and includes a stage inside the Olympic Stadium itself. Without the seating arrangements of a typical gig, festival-goers clambered over seats and spread themselves out to enjoy the EDM-heavy stage below. A particular highlight was watching Martin Garrix close the stage on Sunday night from the top of the stadium, as a sea of people down below were lit up by his fireworks and pyrotechnics.

As far as city-based festivals go, Lollapalooza Berlin is not one to be missed for your 2020 diary.

Words by Esme Buxton

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