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by Mary Sullivan

Emerging mixed media artist Kashief Hibbert sits down with tmrw to discuss the vision for his multidisciplinary art.

An organic path of discovery lies at the heart of Kashief Hibbert’s work, having developed his style and process somewhat by accident. The British-Jamaican artist began creating compelling work out of mixed media and collage materials after studying art and design in college. He describes “messing around with fashion magazines, cutting and pasting images to create something more complete and visually satisfying.” Based in North East London, his pieces are a commentary on culture, current affairs and the human relation.

Hibbert’s work is so effortlessly assembled that it could be mistaken for the original intention of the media. He describes finding his sources everywhere from “free magazines found on trains to visiting charity shops and bookshops in areas like Notting Hill and Walthamstow.” The fluid nature of the design in his pieces plays with the contrasting content he pairs it with, resulting in imagery that is both visually appealing and off-putting.

How does an artist decide what will come together? Hibbert explains: “My process involves collecting visual imagery [and] seeing people, posters, and being receptive in my ever-changing, fast-paced environment. I rifle through magazines and select elements that work well together until I’ve created something impactful and thought-provoking, which is the essence of my art. My pieces are a momentary thought.”

Hibbert envisions expanding his work to encompass sculpture, up-cycling and making unique 3-D pieces. He has been exploring the opportunities to fuse vintage fashion and his imagery.

View Hibbert’s work or stay updated here.

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