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Hemish Gholkar:Building Music Marketing Titans from Scratch

by HQ

Young brains are brimming with ideas, and for Hemish Gholkar, everything started back in a high school math class.

At just 17, after experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, he became interested in how creators prospered and thrived in the online sphere. Quickly, Hemish realized that many creators simply did not know how to manage and monetize their image and content. He recognized an opportunity, and with nothing but a spark of inspiration and a head full of numbers, he launched his first company: Mofinity, a 360 creator management business.

While the world went into lockdown, Mofinity thrived. Starting with an Oreo ice cream campaign, Hemish built a team of friends and fellow students, cold-emailed creators, and learned the ropes of influencer marketing. But soon, he saw the bigger picture. Creator management was just one piece of the puzzle – the real game-changer, he realized, was full-scale marketing.

After skyrocketing success in just 8 months, Mofinity was closed down and Happy Studios entered the game. Happy Studios was built as a full-scale media agency specialising in marketing for Gen-Z influencers. But it wasn’t just about influencer endorsements. It was about strategic campaigns, record-breaking releases, an innate understanding of TikTok, and forging partnerships with every major music label.

Happy Studios became a force to be reckoned with, quickly making several records go viral on TikTok. Some of their greatest successes include “Mad At Disney” by Salem Ilese, Lemonade by Internet Money, Money So Big by Yeat, and many more. All of them became instant successes, reaching millions of views and gaining Gold or Platinum Record recognition.

Founded back in November 2020, Happy Studios ultimately ceased operations in December 2022. During their time in the industry, they collaborated with all the major music labels and achieved numerous record-breaking successes for notable artists such as Calvin Harris, Yeat, Willow Smith, Internet Money, Trippie Redd, Salem Ilese, Jason Derulo, and countless others. The activation campaigns created by Happy Studios helped major brands like CASETiFY, Depop, and Shein effectively reach their target audience – Gen Z. At its peak, this maverick agency was making waves at the highest levels of industry, stretching from London to Hong Kong and beyond with a uniquely diverse creator roster and highly curated brand partners.

Under Happy Studios, Hemish founded Reign Talent, the company’s talent management division. After partnering with 100+ creators within just six months, Reign Talent quickly rose as the go-to for music marketers seeking fresh talent. Reign specialized in organic partnerships for artists’ campaigns, matching the right audiences with artists’ songs to ensure peak engagement. From trap beats to pop song manipulation, the company spearheaded uniquely curated campaigns across the social media sphere.

In December 2022, however, Hemish made another bold move by transferring the business to Apex Creators. With this fresh chapter, Hemish could set his sights on brand new ventures, whilst taking a step back to survey the industry he’s helped to shape.

The story of Hemish Gholkar and Happy Studios is not just about the numbers and the names – it’s about defying expectations, seizing opportunities, and constantly evolving. From a high school math class to business deals with music giants, this young entrepreneur has proven that ambition knows no bounds. As Reign’s influence continues under Apex Creators, one thing is certain: the future of influencer marketing is in good hands, and Hemish Gholkar will be at the forefront, shaping its trajectory with every bold step.

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