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The game that forever lives rent-free in our heads gets a makeover from EVISU.

As the ancient proverb goes: Monopoly maketh man into thee demon. Or something like that – it’s the game that’s taken out entire extended families, ruined engagements, temporarily turned staunch socialists into avaricious capitalists and led to, we’d estimate, several defenestrations of entire boards. Anger-inducing properties aside, it’s become a piece of real estate in popular culture, sparking pub crawls, a global McDonald’s promotion, video games and an Ariana Grande song.

Now, Rich Uncle Pennybags (Mr. Monopoly’s original name) has turned his cane towards Japanese denim brand EVISU, working on a twelve piece bespoke capsule. Splicing together both brands’ visuals, it features a denim jacket, jeans, sweatshirt, tee and pouch emblazoned with Monopoly icons and EVISU’s trademark Seagull and Daicock logos. There’s a new character in town, too – EBISU – a partner to Mr. Monopoly fit with his own walking stick, top hat and capitalist swagger.

Elsewhere, a ‘Go With The Flow’ slogan is plastered on the back of a dark wash jacket, while banknotes, chance cards and properties are remixed with grunge designs, putting the Street in Fleet Street. You can even get yourself a limited edition version of the board game, complete with custom cards, a premium display case and a specially commissioned board. It’s $388, though, so you make sure it’s not just Monopoly cash that you’ve got squirrelled away.

We’re not going to lie, the team-up is a bit rando, but it works for us and gives us refreshingly positive connotations of a game that’s caused us to lose our heads countless times. Next time you find yourself around the board, stash your cash in the collection’s new pouch, get your game cap on and remember – what you do in Monopoly, stays in Monopoly – so don’t tell your uncle when he doesn’t clock that you’ve landed on his property…

The EVISU x Monopoly capsule is available now here.

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