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by Alex Brzezicka

‘Beauty and Yours’ video series is a moving celebration of queer self-expression.

Pride month might officially be just once a year but we have to stay proud every day. Now that June is over, Instagram feeds worldwide have gradually become bleaker with only an occasional rainbow amid a rain of spam, the shop windows shook off the glitter dust and the majority of mainstream businesses moved on to marketing new fads. Luckily, some kept to their promises of the ongoing support of the LGBTQ+ community. One of them is Illamasqua, a professional, and PETA certified, artistry make-up brand.

Illamasqua has teamed up with creative agency The Digital Fairy and director Ben Cole on producing a series of videos celebrating beauty as means of self-expression. All made by queer people and for queer people. In the times when the beauty standards are still stiff and deep-rooted into society’s subconscious, we need a constant reminder that all bodies are beautiful. ‘Working around issues so close to my heart and collaborating so openly with the LGBTQIA+ community was a real dream come true’ says Ben Cole.

‘Beauty and Yours’ is based around short vignettes and interviews that give voice to six individuals. Their stories of self-acceptance, love, and passions are inspiring examples and a much-needed push in the direction of freedom and support of under-represented audiences. From 1st August until 5th September, one video featuring a creative individual will be out every week. Today, you can meet Kaysh, a sports teacher and footballer redefining the traditionally male industry as a gay woman, and Aaron, a queer make-up artist who shares meaning behind his work and art of life-affirming after surviving cancer.

The journey they take us on is a special one. It’s a rare and authentic insight into the joys and struggles of living outside the forced definitions of gender, sexuality and physicality. ‘Collaborating on the films, with the Illamasqua team, crew and beautiful talent was a career-defining experience for us all’ says Jane Macfarlane, art director at The Digital Fairy. For the viewers, it’s a heart-moving adventure available to be witnessed through superbly filmed scenes.

‘This series goes beyond Pride. It encapsulates everything that Illamasqua is about: celebrating individuality, self-expression and freedom to define your own beauty. Pride is a conversation that we want to continue all year around to support the LGBTQIA+ community and expand the dialogue as far as possible’ says Illamasqua’s director of artistry. It’s a dialogue that should spread into all areas of public discourse. Beyond brands and beyond beauty. To go beyond prejudices.

Watch BEAUTY AND YOURS: A FILM BY ILLAMASQUA below now and find out more online here.

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