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KidSuperopens KidSuperworld in Williamsburg

by Maja Bebber

KidSuper enters a new era with its opening of a flagship store in Williamsburg, downtown Brooklyn.

It’s a mirror of its creative director and designer Colm Dillane – a mix of ambition, adventure and the extraordinary.

The aim of the new era is a mix of different venues. Ranging from an art gallery,  design and print-printing studios, a photo studio and in the near future a recording studio and a soccer field. Dillane envisions a creative landscape offering a sanctuary for dreamers and innovators. KidSuper went from screen-printing shirts in Brooklyn to designing for Louis Vuitton and the brand keeps on aiming higher and higher. The brand also nurtures a number of talents including music artist Russ who launched his first platinum album on the site.

The celebration of the opening took place on February 10th in two parts. The afternoon session was a an open invitation to the community and featured a screen-printing workshop, panel discussions and a food truck. The evening session was for invitation only and featured a red carpet, animated spaces and musical performances.

Notable guests were Jim Jones, Joey Bada$$ and Cleptrapa to name a few.

This opening was not just a celebration of KidSuper’s new home but a homage to the brand’s foundational belief in the power of creativity and community.

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