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“I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment to just stop, be still, and not have work until then,” Kylie Jenner muses as she looks back over the trials and tribulations of the past year: “It was a difficult time for so many, I feel very lucky that I could take that time to just be with my daughter.”

At 23 years old, the Los Angeles born media personality turned businesswoman has carved out her calling in the world, both as a globally renowned brand founder and, perhaps more significantly, as a parent. Although the two feats were similarly life-altering, becoming Stormi Webster’s mother provided Kylie with an entirely new life purpose: “Becoming a mom was the biggest change for me,” Kylie exalts, “I’ve grown so much as a person and I continue to grow every single day. I love learning and I’m trying to be the best person I can possibly be. It’s been such a challenging year but the silver lining was that I had so much more time to spend with my family.”

By 18 years old, Kylie had been on reality television for almost half of her lifetime, and as the world watched her grow, the vibrant young socialite slowly became everyone’s favourite sister both on and off the show. Garnering a social media presence even the likes of Instagram itself could be jealous of, Kylie Jenner built a new platform for herself that was all her own.

“I don’t think an alien would really understand what I do”, Kylie laughs when we talk about how she’d explain her life to an ET, “I don’t know how you’d begin to describe what social media is”. It’s true, in fact it’s a difficult enough entity to explain to your grandparents, let alone someone from outta this world. Yet, it doesn’t make Kylie Jenner’s social success story any less impressive, with 227 million Instagram followers and counting, people all over the world are hanging on to her every word, waiting for their next taste, anticipating her next move.

It sounds daunting, but Kylie takes the pressure in her stride, “I’m fully aware of the influence that I have, I try to be a good role model but I mostly just try to be myself.” This method has wholeheartedly worked, and since her teenage years, Kylie has had a loyal and loving fanbase who watch her every move.

“I think growing up I always knew that my older sisters got a lot of attention, but I don’t really remember when it switched to include me”. But switch it did, and almost overnight an adolescent’s life was splashed across headlines and discussed en masse, for good and bad. Kylie began to notice young girls copying her teenage experimentation, whether dying her hair wild colours or, most famously, intricately lining her lips. “I suddenly realised I had a big influence: I’d always had a strong fan base with the family, but when I started experimenting and these became trends, I think that’s when I realised the strength of my own influence.”

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Words by Kitty Robson / PROJECT MANAGEMENT by Joe Brine / CREATIVE ASSISTANCE by Karina Kovsky / PHOTOGRAPHY by Greg Swales / STYLING by Alexandra & Mackenzie Grandquist / SET DESIGN & PROPS by Lucy Holt / HAIR STYLING by Jesus Guerrero / PRODUCTION by AGPNYC / MAIN IMAGE Earrings by Marco Panconesi // Never Not ring by GenS15 // glass ring by Keane // Bodysuit & Boots by GCDS

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