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Lockdown Diary Series:Armani White

by Megan Armstrong

We are partnering with creatives to document how they are spending their days at home in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

“2020 started off really great for us. We spent all of last year on tour, so we had vowed that we’d spend as much of the first quarter creating content and getting ready for our College Tour from March 19 to May 2. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the first show as that was the time when things first began to cancel when they realized how severe the COVID-19 pandemic could and would become,” the Philadelphia-based rapper told tmrw. 

Below is how Armani White is spending his time instead.


[7 a.m.] Wake up with the sun, then go right back to sleep.

[9 a.m.] After three consecutive naps, I realize it’s only 9:30.

[10:30 a.m.] Do an early morning yoga session via a roulette of YouTube instructors.

[Noon] Maybe if I sing really loud in the shower, my neighbors will actually think I’m Freddie Mercury.

[1:30 p.m.] I finish getting dressed by picking out the final, and most important, piece of the outfit. The scarf!

[3 p.m.] OK, let’s try and make this bedroom sound as much like a studio as we can.

[6 p.m.] OK, this sounds awful, I quit, I’m playing Call of Duty.

[8 p.m.] I’m just gonna do this face mask, lay in bed and re-watch Rick and Morty on mute with subtitles while I write to beats in my email for the rest of the night.

tmrw: How are you using songwriting, and creativity as a whole, to fill your days?

Armani: I try to write somewhat of a song in the morning and in the evening and compare the two moods. Listen to how I sound during a fresh start and how I sound during the end of today’s run. I think getting my home studio started was one of the best ideas I had earlier in the year. I can have a work station feet away from my bed.

tmrw: How do you find inspiration when you’re limited in what you can go out and do?

Armani: I try to watch as many shows and cartoons as possible to imagine other than my reality and circulate that imagination around new ideas. I’m an extrovert, so I still take some time to hang my head out the window to get some fresh air before I really lose my mind.

tmrw: What is something you had been too busy to do, or maybe even been putting off, but have now had time to start?

Armani: I’ve been entirely too busy to start a Tik Tok, but now I’ve been exploring that as well starting to tweet again and write more. Usually, I’m juggling a lot of different roles but now I finally get to relax and breathe and schedule out my entire day with all of the different things I want to do but don’t get a chance to.

tmrw: Have you allowed yourself to take a break? What are you doing to hit the recharge button?

Armani: Call of Duty!!! [laughs] Whenever I need to completely shut out the rest of the world and flush out space for new ideas, I turn the game on. Speaking of….


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