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Lockdown Diary Series:Shannon K

by Megan Armstrong

We are partnering with creatives to document how they are spending their days at home in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shannon K starts off our Lockdown Diary Series.  The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, actor and influencer started 2020 off hot by releasing a new single titled “I Do” on March 6. Shortly after, all momentum was halted as people worldwide were ordered to hit pause in an effort to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Shannon is using her extra time at home to rest while also pushing forward creatively.



[9 am] Sweet mornings with my coffee.

[11 am] I’ve actually just recently got into the Harry Potter books!

[Noon] Doing my vocal warm-ups; music keeps me sane!

[1:30 pm] Cooking some Arrabbiata Penne for lunch.

[3 pm] Quarantine equals songwriting sessions.

[4 pm] Am I hungry or just bored?

[5 pm] Playing with Cocoa is the best pastime.

[6 pm] Watching Marriage Story on Netflix!

[6:30 pm] Thanks for spending the day with me. Stay home and stay safe!

tmrw: How are you using songwriting, and creativity as a whole, to fill your days?

Shannon K: “Due to the current climate, I am taking time to create and get inspired while being at home. I think this is an interesting opportunity for me to see if I can dig deeper into my creativity.”

tmrw: How do you find inspiration when you’re limited in what you can go out and do?

Shannon K: “There’s always things around you that you can get inspiration from. It comes from a certain way of looking at things, a perspective. Right now, I am enjoying solely getting the time to focus on my craft.”

tmrw: What is something you had been too busy to do, or maybe even been putting off, but have now had time to start?

Shannon K: “One of my favourite hobbies is colouring. For some odd reason, it really gives me peace and is quite therapeutic. Lately I have been busy with my music and promoting my new single ‘I DO,’ that I haven’t been able to colour. I’m excited to get back into it.”

tmrw: What has felt like the biggest positive for you about the world hitting pause for a bit (while also recognizing that this is a serious pandemic that has tragically affected a lot of people)?

Shannon K: “There are some positive things we could look at such as giving a bit of time to ourselves and our health. I feel like we tend to ignore ourselves in daily life. We let our brains work all day and night. This pandemic put a pause on everything, and now we can take care of ourselves and others.”

tmrw: Have you allowed yourself to take a break? What are you doing to hit the recharge button?

Shannon K: “I was actually really charged up to start this new decade, especially with knowing I had an upcoming single release and new projects on the slate. I am super excited for the world to see my creative side. Even though I have to put plans on hold for the time being and take a break, I am staying calm and know that I will be ready and motivated when my projects pick back up again.”

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