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London Fashion Week MensIntroducing JUBEL

by Laura Stupple

We’re delving a little deeper into the world of Jubel, to introduce you to a designer who’s made it onto our ones to watch list this year.

This year at London Fashion Week Men’s, we wanted to take a look at the up and coming talent that’s shaking things up. Jubel caught our eye with his playful style. Jubel’s designs are an injection of fun, an explosion of creativity, that also brings home some serious topics.

Jubel the brand was founded in 2017, by LCF graduate Jubel F. An East London boy, born and raised in Bow, Jubel is every inch a homegrown talent. When we caught up, he told me that his work takes inspiration from the streets of London and especially the grandmas that raised him.

“I was always surrounded by these fabulously glamorous older women, who would go around on their electronic scooters dressed to the nines. They showed no signs of slowing down when it came to their style, and I love that”. His last collection “Granny Still Loves A Bit Of Acid House” was another nod to these ladies – a mash-up style of British Grandma meets Acid House.

Jubel isn’t one to shy away from his roots, and his recent collection flirts with the London landscape, while being all about the big ideas surrounding plastic too. He told me “all of the plastic bottles that hang from the background netting were collected from Hackney over the last month”. It’s a shocking fact, but one that only prompts change when it’s placed right before our eyes, as Jubel does brilliantly well.

His ‘Grandma Goes Fishing’ collection is definitely striking and a little out there, but it’s art at its finest. Jubel has created pieces that highlight the plastic pollution issue and tackle the toxification of oceans head on. With an emphasis on plastic, Jubel SS20 aims to comment on the plastic issues within the industry too.

“Fast fashion has a lot to answer for, and I want to tackle the issue of waste across the board. I’d love to reignite the plastic pollution movement that we’ve seen creeping up in recent years in the industry”.

As well as drawing inspiration from the older women of east London, the older community of women in South Korea also influenced this collection. In South Korea, the older generation of women go diving and fishing to feed their families – it doesn’t get much more sustainable than that. “The silhouettes in the collection reference the work uniform of fishermen, and link to the ocean with the vibrancy of the colour palette”.

Jubel’s collection is sustainably sourced and takes into account how the materials have been processed. The yarn for the jumpers in the collection are made from recycled fabrics, along with most of the collection being made from recycled plastic and nylon, so Jubel fully practices what he preaches. A stand out favourite LFWM SS20.

Follow Jubel on Instagram to stay up to date with his work.

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