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by Alex Brzezicka

We caught the fab disco-gimp queen in an analogue show frenzy.

Even though WERKIN’ FROM HOME can be sweet (as we’ve definitely proven so far) sometimes it’s time to venture out of the comfort zone. Today, we take you on a tour in our first spin-off series, WERKIN’ FROM THE ROAD, where we give disposable cameras to our favourite creatives to document their road life craziness for us. Buckle up, hold your drinks tight, and get aboard. 

Ever since Lynks has emerged from London’s scruffy underground, their reign has begun. We’ve never been more grateful to bow to the embodiment of the devil gimp because, honey, you need only one glimpse to realise that they’re not someone you can just walk past. From 2020 onwards since they dropped their debut EP Smash Hits, Vol.1, Lynks has mastered the art of slaying gay-chaos-meets-sarcasm at the most twisted level. To ours and your satisfaction, they keep on serving sizzling hot songs like ‘Str8 Acting’ or ‘Brand New Face’ commenting on the ridiculous social standards with playful accuracy. It’s like shoving a funhouse mirror right in the oppressor’s face. Lynks might look like be a Leigh Bowery-esque masked clown but it’s always them who gets the last laugh.

Arriving with one-of-a-kind dance-daring electro-punk and extra-extravaganza serving outfits, Lynks and their squad broke through the straight glass ceiling. It’s a big deal when on top of a cult following, you’re tipped off by Elton John, featured on Frank Carter & Rattlesnakes’ two tracks and can slay the hell out of live performances. Wanting you to taste a bit of that undiluted madness, we got them to snapshot the spirit of one of them on a disposable film camera. Through the lens, they invited us to the Hopscotch gig in London’s Lafayette on December 3rd. It’s all about the exclusive backstage sneak peek where we see them cutting-out tights, smashing dance routines and buzzing with the crowd.

Turn your speakers up and play Lynks’ brand new single ‘Silly Boy to get into their gimp-goddess groove and scroll on down to catch up with our new favourite subversive genius. Devilspeed.

“Well, this was an extra fun night because – I mean firstly goddamn look at the backstage! So luxurious. We’re very used to being led into a glorified cupboard with a 4-pack of Carlsberg in it and them calling it a ‘green room’. This was very nice – tequila, a fridge, an en suite. Truly living the highlife.”

“We also decided we were do my housemate Morgana’s special tights trick; where you layer up tights and cut holes in them to make a very cool bodysuit. This was great, but I think the other two bands playing were a bit bemused when they found us covered in tights cutting at ourselves with fabric shears. Maybe not the most zen-inducing thing to have backstage so apologies guys!!”

“But dressing room and outfit construction aside this was our first show back home after our Frank Carter tour. The tour had been absolutely unreal – like maybe the best 2 weeks of my life – but we’d also been performing to people who had no clue who the fuck we were, and we were excited to be back on home turf with a crowd that had actually come along to see us. And the show was predictably brill. Nothing quite like seeing people sing your lyrics back to you is there??”

Press play on Lynks’ new track ‘Silly Boy’ below now.

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