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My Eyes See Diversity
Documentary Photography by Yana Binaev

Art comes in all shapes and forms, but this project has its own life. Authored by Yana Binaev, My Eyes See Diversity (MESD) was born as a result of a lifelong will to express the love and passion for boldness, colors, self-expression and the lack of fear to stand out.  

” I want to share the beauty of Diversity with the world, and hopefully drive people to be able to open their eyes and minds.” – Yana comments on her intention for this project –  “Hopefully I can help people to become more open and less judgmental to those who stand out, whether it is because of their skin color, the complexion, hair structure or style.”

Shot across the streets of London, this on-going photographic documentary celebrates diversity, inclusion, equality, and the creative people of our society. Those to dare to stand out. Those to carry their personality and voice everywhere they go and are not afraid to express it.

A few galleries expressed interest in her exhibiting her work, however, Yana went on a solo journey and curated her own debut exhibition in August 2018. As a diversity advocate, Yana has become an ambassador for the POCtech community at Google for Startups campus in London, where she exhibited her work as part of the educational program for Black History Month last year.

Many attendees of the ‘My Eyes See Diversity’ exhibitions, shared how Yana makes the people on her portraits look beautiful. When the beauty is in fact, in the eye of the beholder. We encourage diverse art perception, the diverse perception of people in our society, and perhaps, the diverse perception of beauty.

For more information visit her website, here. 

Words by Catarina Ramalho / Photography by Yana Binaev

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