Paris Hilton
Changing The Narrative

I had never believed more in the six degrees of separation than when I interviewed Paris Hilton.

You’re interviewing Paris [expletive] Hilton, I’d tell myself in the moment, remembering all the instances she’d made appearances throughout my childhood and teen years – on TV; in magazines; blaring from the speakers in gay clubs; on the sleeve of one of my favourite horror DVDs, House of Wax – but also because, when we finally got the chance to talk through my questions, Paris sprinkled the conversation with celebrity name drops that made me feel like I’d been plugged into a celebutante internet router. Seventeen-year-old me would’ve screamed. Paris Hilton is the heart of celebrity culture.

Although setting up the interview proved slightly difficult with her busy working week – from jet-setting around the globe for product launches to a variety of club appearances – once we had an interview pencilled in, I eventually felt fully immersed in her celebrity world. And since this would be my debut cover feature (again, with Paris [expletive] Hilton), I jumped in head first and dragged myself right to the heart.

Being aware of Paris’ booked schedule, the juggling of several successful business endeavours and several media appearances in a single week was enough to exhaust anyone, but in speaking with the Hilton heiress, it was clear she loved her work and a ram-packed calendar wasn’t alien to her. It was refreshing and almost inspirational to see a person do so much.

What made this interview a success was the repositioning of the focus away from negative tabloid babble – with a whole host of exciting projects on the way, Paris appeared excited to share her newfound positivity with her fans. It was no difficult task to focus on this, since she’d recently dropped a star-studded music video to B.F.A. (Best Friend’s Ass), a tune that won’t go a day un-played in gay clubs around the world (and in my flat).

Words by Otis Robinson / Photography by Vijat Mohindra

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