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by Tori Sharp

Nature needs Heroes and today’s is Loyle Carner.

Award winning artist Loyle Carner has paired with Timberland’s Nature needs Heroes campaign to kick off the Re-greening of London. The Urban Greening project aims to bring nature back into the city, planting and growing in disused areas to revitalise the city.

Not far from where Carner grew up is where this current project has taken place – opposite the train station at Thornton Green. Working alongside the local community and London National Park City, this project has created, not only a greener cityscape, but a calm and community square to utilise. Carner spoke about the project and said “Feels good to be home. I was lucky to grow up around green space, but in my area that’s not how it is for everyone. So, I took a small but vital step in the right direction to bring more green space to the Croydon community. I’m still moved that Timberland would support such a grassroots initiative, and help us link up with London National Park City”.

Croydon council and the local community played a leading role and worked on adding personal touches to the garden itself, with everyone being given a time slot to come and plant something wonderful, contributing to the regreening. This inspiring and creative campaign has not only brought citizens of the community together, but has utilised the local area and transformed into a eco-green respite from the monotonous city-grey.

The Nature needs Heroes campaign is one of Timberland’s biggest to date and they have pledged “to plant 50M trees by 2025 and intend to create a net positive impact on the environment by 2030, Timberland believes a greener future is a better future.”

Watch the progress of this inspiring project below!

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