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RuPaulDragCon UKis back with a bang for 2023

by HQ

DragCon’s UK edition was removed from the calendar when COVID hit, but girls, the show has come back with a bang!

Finally, London sparkled with RuPaul’s DragCon UK 2023 edition again. A long-awaited return, after three years, in the ExCeL Centre.

Recalling RuPaul’s motto, ‘If you’re going to fail, you should do it fabulously’, over one hundred Drag Race fearless queens paraded the pink carpet in an undeniably high-glamour entrance. A’Whora performed a rendition of “UK Hun?” with the Teletubbies as backup dancers (choreography included), RuPaul DJ set, resplendent atop a giant flat screen, waving and smiling down at the baying masses below.

But a lot more has been going on.

Drag tradition and new trends: glitters, colour, happiness, dramatic makeup but also elf ears, clean lace, and unfettered self-expression.

Recalling Drag Queens’ journey to recognition as incredible human beings, artists, and creatives can sound almost disrespectful. Until recently, drag characters on screen have been depicted in hiding: from the mob, from their psychotic tendencies, to serve in the army, or to have more freedom.

Freedom and more were the main course of RuPaul’s DragCon Uk 2023 Menu.

Consequently, and coherently, the event naturally opened its arms and heart to the Drag Syndrome troupe headed by the artistic director and choreographer Daniel Vais.

From their homepage, we read a quote by Nicholai Nickolov that poignantly encapsulates the soul of the project:

“Drag Syndrome is a drag troupe like no other. Drag is about transformation. It’s about freedom of expression. But Drag Syndrome goes a step further – its talented artists broaden our horizons with their creativity and effortlessly disarm the audience with their profound love of life.”

Slovak photographer Zuzu Valla walked us through the show and pointed her lens at the spectacular human and artistic souls and expressions.

She tells us how amazing these stalls stretch along the three avenues, allowing photo opportunities, autographs from your favourite drag queen, and a plethora of merchandise. Drag queens, bearded queens, drag kings and even drag monsters are here to enjoy three days of partying and having fun with friends and colleagues. It’s so inspiring. We should all learn from the Drags philosophy”.

Veronica Costanza Ward
Zuzu Valla
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