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Quick, cover your furry friend’s eyes! They’re going to want the entirety of Jeremy Scott’s pet collection.

Moschino’s got a new pet project. As in, literally, creative director Jeremy Scott has unveiled a new fourteen piece collection made for furry friends, ready to style for this year’s batch of personalised Christmas cards. They’re not the first to do pet garms, of course – you can buy your good boys and girls a Ralph Lauren jumper or a Fendi zucca motif if you’re so inclined – but we don’t remember a label leading with an entire capsule of looks.

For Scott’s collection, the laminated Moschino Couture logo features front and centre, emblazoned onto pup-sized sweatshirts, chic crewneck tees and snap-closure hoodies if your dog’s feeling extra casual. For a little more savoir-foire, there’s a Biker Fabric Dog Jacket (who said dogs weren’t allowed into Berghain?), a belted nylon trench coat that’s less Moschino and more Purr-berry (cats, dogs, same difference) and a twill bomber jacket with zip pockets for treats.

If, though, the little devil wears nada, then there’s a range of spellout collars, leads and, best of all, a ‘Moschino Couture!’ dogbowl, suitable, thankfully, ‘for dog food or water’. The adorable campaign makes it for us, featuring the pets of the rich and famous including tmrw favourite Steph Shep, stylist Rob Zangardi and drag artist Hunter Crenshaw, lapping up the camera angles and a lot of water (modelling is thirsty work, OK!)

Is it silly? Yes. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. And is it good for the planet? I mean no, probably not. But, if you wishfully apply the whole a-dog’s-not-just-for-christmas ethos and make sure that you keep your new canine outfit for life, then we reckon you can just about justify getting involved. Just promise that when – bless its heart – your woofer is munching golden bones in the pearly gates above, you still get some wear out of it yourself, yeah?

The Moschino Pets Collection is available now here. Prices range from ridiculous to ridiculous – but your dog deserves it. 

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