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by Alex Brzezicka

TikToker, dancer and actor, Tega is a full-rounded new-gen creative.

In our digital age, we want our creatives to do everything. From entertaining us with candid videos on TikTok, quality bits of Instagram, to out-of-the-box creative concepts: it’s not easy to embody all of that while keeping it real 100% of the time. A newcomer and hilarious polymathic powerhouse, Tega Alexander does it all and much more.

Straying away from the traditional ways of getting the career going, he’s decided to explore every path there is. With his easy-going charm and magnetic personality, it was a piece of cake. He served it hot on social media that he set up during lockdown. Despite being a bit of a newbie, Tega stole the spotlight in a split second. He gained a TikTok following of over 800K and recently hosted House of Gucci’s red carpet. Aware of his growing traction, Tega Alexander is eager to use his platform to start conversations around mental health within the Black male community.

Today, exclusively for us, dressed to impress and shot by photographer Paolo Casseb, Tega invites us into his vibrantly creative world…

Hey Tega, introduce yourself for us:

I am Tega Alexander, all round creative and aspiring actor. I kind of fell into dancing 14 years ago and I have always had a creative mindframe, so I learnt how to film and edit. And it kicked off from there really. With the new digital age, I just wanted to capitalize on the platform.

And how has your journey been since?

It’s been interesting to say the least. My journey hasn’t taken the traditional route. But I am constantly learning along the process; adapting and ameliorating myself. I recently hosted the red carpet for the House of Gucci which was such an amazing experience, I am very grateful for my journey thus far.

Your journey pretty much started off during Covid right?

Yeah, actually I wasn’t present on social media prior to the pandemic. During lockdown, I started putting my personality out there which then led to new opportunities.

And how did the pandemic treat you?

One thing I have learnt is that I am not as strong mentally as I thought I was. But these things don’t get checked through life. The whole realisation of it all was bittersweet in a way. It’s important to start conversations on mental health, especially in the Black community. It’s far too often seen as weakness, especially amongst men.

What else can you say you have learnt from the pandemic? Any advice you can share?

Take more time out for yourself. Ask yourself questions and create checkpoints in your day today. I think having mental checkpoints is really important. Not internalise all the positives and negatives that you go through, really make time to process your steps in life.

Your Instagram following is currently over 100k and your TikTok just under 800k, do you ever feel pressure to use your influence and your platform for political agendas?

I’m always trying to invest my time into increasing my knowledge on certain topics. But I would rather make space and champion voices that are more studied. I am happy to share resources and navigate people to sources so that they can form an opinion of their own.

Follow Tega Alexander on Instagram here now.

interview and photography
Paolo Casseb
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