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by Alex Brzezicka

A DJ, entrepreneur and influencer, the polymathic Charly Jordan shows us how to smash glass ceilings and make a lifestyle out of passion.

“Every single time I have been vulnerable, and actually spoken what I’m feeling, as men do all the fucking time, it pays off,” says Charly Jordan with a passion that legitimates any claims for a Gen Z royalty title. No matter the millions of followers on social media, Spotify plays or the luxurious lifestyle, she has us bowing not to the numbers but to her authenticity and desire for a change. Impressed by her journey from travel influencer and DJ to entrepreneur, we crown Charly Jordan the ultimate IT girl.

Charly proves that, if your soul is in it, there’s no such thing as spreading yourself too thin. “I always want to inspire people to get out and try new things,” says the 23-year-old sensation, on a break from the studio session, a day after our cover shoot. “I’ve never done bleached eyebrows, so it was really cool to shoot like that,” she smiles. A second after someone tries to put her in a box, she does something so daring that any definitions become irrelevant. Charly Jordan is a chameleon-magician with many tricks up her sleeve, wearing her big heart right on it.

“The Internet is a very cathartic thing for people. At least for me, a space that I try to use not feel alone, where I can talk about things that are going on or things that I’m dealing with, things that I’m celebrating,” Charly explains. Ever since she started to share her nomadic life experiences when 17, she gained international traction from fans in awe of her peculiar lifestyle. On the road, she found another calling. “House music is such a big thing in Europe and Mexico and pretty much everywhere besides the United States, where I’m from. But when I started travelling, I was like, where’s this been? Why haven’t I heard this? I just loved it so much,” Charly shares. Ever since, she put her best into spinning discs, quickly ascending from a home studio into, as one of the only women, a residency in Las Vegas Zouk Nightclub. “There’s not that many female DJs. Especially in the social media space. I think I am probably one of the few that I’ve been able to successfully transition over,” she admits.

Despite the speed lighting success as a DJ, and now songwriting career [she’s debuted with a single ‘Blackstrap Molasses’ in 2020], Charly Jordan is about to expand beyond music and make a debut as an actress. “I never really had the time for it. But now that I have my career a little bit more established, I’m dipping into acting and just doing it for fun. I’m excited for the projects to come up. I’m working with some people that I’ve looked up to my entire life”. Charly surely knows how to keep us in suspense.

Aware of the influence idols can have, she’s cautious when approaching the modern definition of ‘the influencer’. “The word influencer initially started because those people were influencing. It was because they had a message that they were pushing. Usually, something that’s much bigger than yourself,” Charly explains, “It’s not just talking about what you do and what you’re up to, and how cool you are, but about being able to put other people on with the exposure that you have”. She doesn’t hide away behind the smoke screen of social media’s fantasy. “The whole point of my influence in my social media is to be able to have an open space where you can relate and talk about that stuff. I don’t use it for drama,” she shares.

Charly’s agenda is to spread positivity and peace but even she sometimes struggles with emotional storms. “I definitely have moments where I’m afraid. I think everyone does. Everyone has insecurities and fear but like, what’s the worst? The actual worst thing that’s gonna happen is that person walks away from you or says no,” Charly states. Instead of being crushed by the disappointments of fake relationships, she surrounds herself with people who care deeply for one another and help each other to withstand any spirit-breaking weather. “I’m connecting with people in real life and creating communities and all the brands that I have been talking about mental health and normalizing the conversation around that. Art goes really hand in hand with mental health in general”.

“Every single time I have been vulnerable, and actually spoken what I'm feeling, as men do all the fucking time, it pays off"

The drive to introduce that discourse into the wider fashion industry inspired Charly to find two original projects. First, Beauty in Pain, a jewellery brand started with a tattoo-inspired necklace. “I used to struggle with mental health a lot in high school and transparently, I’ve talked about on the internet, self-harm specifically. That’s why I got a rose and a dagger because I was able to stop doing that. Roses are beautiful, but they’re sharp, and they can also hurt a lot. There’s a lot of beauty in that pain and being able to grow from that. I just got that dagger to remind myself not to do that,” she bravely states.

Charly’s second brand, Smoke Roses, tackles often the taboo issue of healthy smoking and its possible beneficial influence. “I love cannabis. It’s definitely changed my life because I really struggle with anxiety,” Charly confesses. Disappointed by the lack of education or choice and will make the practice cleaner, she introduced dye-free, pesticide-free organic rose petals cones.

There’s the glory that comes with fighting on every front but keeping balance can be a challenge. “I’m not gonna lie to you, that I do still struggle with it daily. I don’t necessarily have it figured out nor do I think I ever will. Hopefully at some point, but right now I’m super ambitious,” Charly unapologetically states. With no blueprint on how to navigate her ever-changing career, she embraces the pioneer position. “It’s a very unique thing that puts me in some really interesting situations where I feel like I’m constantly learning,” Charly shares.

Charly Jordan conquered her scrape of virtual land in a fair battle followed by a lot of laughs and a few tears of compassion. “I really want to have longevity with what I’m doing and make a difference”. Charly Jordan is going a million miles per hour. There’s no stopping her. Why would we? She’s a real good influence.

Follow Charly Jordan on Instagram here.

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