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Twelve exciting products that came out this year that will make 2019 a lot happier.

Gucci Wool Coat

Influenced by 80s glam metal, Gucci’s wool coat isn’t your typical winter wear. Crafted with black wool and featuring leather buttons, this piece may have made its start on the runway, but with its timeless design, it’ll go perfectly with anything in your wardrobe.

Larsson and Jennings VELO 3LINK 39MM

Anglo-Swedish watchmakers Larsson and Jennings know how to attract attention. There brief appears simple; reimagine classic design bringing art to watches you’ll wear every day. What they create is so much more though. Their VELO 3LINK 39MM uses an intricate sunray pattern on a black dial, to reflect light and form a stunning visual effect that’ll grab eyes wherever you go.

New Balance 247 Geo Metallic

Everyone needs shoes. That’s just a fact. What the struggle is finding the right shoe, with many manufacturers going for style over substance. New Balance doesn’t know the meaning of the word, and their 247 sneakers prove it. Designed to keep up with your demanding life, the shoe is lightweight and flexible with a unique construction for a comfortable fit that remembers to be stylish.

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Ultra

Working as both a nourishing cream and makeup primer, YSL’s Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow Ultra can help your face look and feel good. Working as a nutritional, anchoring base for all-day comfort and suitable for all skin types, the Instant Moisture Glow Ultra provides effortless, long-lasting moisture and a radiant glow in seconds.

RHA MA650 Wireless Earbuds

As Scotland’s foremost pioneers in all things audio, RHA seems always to find new ways to astound us. With their MA650 wireless earbuds, they’ve perfected the art of on the go listening. Offering a high-quality sound, a 12-hour battery and built from premium aluminium for lasting performance and comfort, you can now listen to your songs the way they deserve.

Apple Watch Series 4

Redesigned and re-engineered, Apple’s latest Apple Watch manages the difficult task of being entirely familiar, yet completely new. With that typical Apple product feel they’ve added new features like an electrical heart sensor to map your way to peak physical fitness and a larger screen thanks to narrower borders, this might be the most innovative Apple product yet.

Canon Zoemini Portable Photo Printer

The pocket-sized Zoemini from Canon is the perfect portable solution for printing your photos on the go. Although the Polaroid trend is well worth the hype, the cameras can be a little bulky. With the Zoemini you take pictures with your phone, add special filters, AR, frames and doodles to your pics with the dedicated app and print them at your leisure.

Anker PowerCore Lite Battery Pack

Whether it’s for better or for worse, our phones have become our life force. Without them, we become social pariahs, destined to walk the world alone forevermore. With the help of a good portable charger, we can continue onwards to become social butterflies, and there aren’t a few better on the market than Anker’s PowerCore Lite Battery Pack.

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner

Rachel Kushner’s The Mars Room is an exploration of lives at the margins of society. Against the background of the horrifying experiences of a women’s prison. Romy reflects on her past and how it has led her to the killing for which she has been sentenced for the rest of her life. In this harsh world, some of the prisoners learn to manage, even accept, their circumstances. With injustice shown throughout, it’s a book that will really make you think.

Flyte Red Berries Energy Drink

Don’t think you’ll have the energy to get through the rest of the year? Might be the time you try a Flyte Energy drink. Released earlier this year, they’re a brand of all-natural energy drink which is available in two flavours. The drink utilises unroasted coffee beans to give you that extra caffeine hit without all the bad stuff you expect to find in energy drinks.

2019 A6 Weekly Diary: Sweet
When we review the year so far, we should always look at a way in which we can improve ourselves. For many, including me, organisation is often a trait people wish they were better at. With Swedish stationers kikki.K’s Sweet Weekly Diary, you can improve your ability to schedule and your style points. With hand-drawn illustrations and yearly, monthly and weekly layouts, it’s perfect for organising more time for yourself.

Cherry Blossom Candle
After recently moving into a new house I’ve slowly become more aware of the importance of a good candle, with traditional scents often winning out. Urban Apothecary has made it their mission to layer traditional ingredients in unconventional, contemporary ways and so they’re a perfect fit. Their Cherry Blossom candle mixes cherry blossom, muguet and jasmine and will leave you relaxed, ready to face the rest of the year head-on.

Words by Daniel Eggleston

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