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Tyler, The Creator enters the perfume market with ‘French Waltz’, a oxytocinergic fragrance that’ll make you swoon.

We’re suckers for fragrances, by suckers, we mean that the copy is often so deliciously alluring, so intensely assuring that you can’t help but trust that this is the one. A bit like love, really. It’s why we were always going to get the feels for GOLF le FLEUR*’s debut fragrance – named French Waltz – especially when it’s so goddamn romantic.

Its top notes of Mandarin, Nashi Pear, Lychee and Magnolia submerge you into a tropical fruit salad, the kind of nectar you might find yourself drinking from a sleek glass marked with an umbrella, lazing around on an omnisolar island. Its heart is more floral, intertwining Mimosa (the plant, not the cocktail), Jasmine, Rose and Muguet, a sweetly-scented woodland flower. Its base level is deeper, headier; Musk and Sandalwood combine for a luxurious foundation to the fragrance.

It was realized by CPL Aromas, commissioned by Tyler to realize le FLEUR’s hazy, sun-soaked vision of opulence and curiosity. It’s backed by a campaign video of a similar mood, shot retro with meticulous colour-grading. It follows a young couple skip towards a cliff edge, before leaping into the pristine, turquoise waters below. We’d quite happily watch a whole film stylised in this way; after all, it looks like how love feels.

As the brand’s Instagram account put it, and it’s worth sharing in full: “French Waltz is dozing off in the garden, using the sun as a towel to dry off the leftover beads of lake water. The smell of damp jasmine petals sails in the air, while hints of mandarin and magnolia amplifies luminous sandalwood. Sweet yet floral, French Waltz is a rose-musk made for everyone.”

Available today, it comes in two formats – 100ml and 50ml – priced at $200 and $150 respectively. It’s presented in a trophy-style display box with a ribbon pull, the bottle a clear, minimal encasing topped with a sea-foam stopper. Fragrances can sometimes be an afterthought for brands, an overmilked cash cow that stamps a lock-up on the bottle and sugar water inside.

This, though, is different – it’s pure and transportive – and leaves us feeling like we’ve just twirled with a lover on a sun-dappled beach, honey-eyed and giddy, our longing finally satiated by a deep desire… Or, err, something like that.

French Waltz by GOLF le FLEUR is available as of today, available in 100ml and 50ml formats here.

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