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by Kyle MacNeill

Detox your much-deserved debauchery with MCQ’s new plant-based, nature-inspired collection.

Vegetables have been few and far between in the last few weeks, and even those that we did consume were slathered in lathered with oil, slathered in honey and slammed into braised in a bath of hot, salty gravy. Which, we implore, is the way to spend every single Christmas. Even if you’re still looking gorge gorging on all the best stuff, this new veg-inspired collection from MCQ is a neat shot of goodness to see you into 2022.

Inspired by the rise of self-sufficiency and vegetable planting during the pandemic – let’s call it the Greenhouse Effect – the collection plays with fauna, flora and foraging. Quilting and patchwork are used for Parkas taking cues from Workwear silhouettes, while Scout badges are emblazoned onto shirting, creating a nostalgic, make-and-mend mood. We’re further taken down the garden path via a process of hammering flowers onto lux wools and silks, which are then digitally reproduced into colourful, vivacious prints.

As with all of MCQ’s collections, it’s built on democratic, laissez-faire collaboration, swapping creative directors and in-house designers for an ever-revolving team of thinkers. Those involved include Natural Fiber Welding, creators of Mirium, a plant-based leather that avoids the synthetic, plastic-based fabrication of other vegan leathers. New York painter Kevin Emerson, meanwhile, created the sketches that were turned into prints and patterns, while seventy-two-year-old vegetable grower and influencer Gerald Stratford starr in a series of ‘How To’ videos aiming to turn scrolling thumbs into green fingers.

Naturally, sustainability is at the heart of the collection; we’re super impressed by the breadth of eco-friendly materials on offer, from upcycled quilting to overstock shirting. It reminds us a little of Lazy Oaf’s Grow Your Own capsule from a couple of years back, but elevated and recontextualised into our new, horticulturally-minded world. We’ve included more of the campaign photos, too, below, so you can feast your eyes on outrageously oversized shrooms and pumpkins; while finishing off that Terry’s Chocolate Orange, naturally.

MCQ’s ‘Grow Up’ collection is available now here.

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