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by Sabrina Fearon-Melville

Incorporating bold colours with intricate designs, IG babe @urgalsal is bringing the art back into makeup.

With an affinity for creating strong, “colourful” looks which reflect the abstract amd over IG 30k followers watching her do just that, you need to know Salwa Rahman AKA @urgalsal. Taking the time over lockdown to lean further into her craft, Salwa has been changing what it means to be an Instagram It Girl.

If, like us, you tried to hop on the graphic liner trend over the pandemic, Salwa will be one of your new fave creatives. Her slick approach to creating looks is something that is envied by many (us included). Less of a graphic liner queen and more into creating abstract looks that take over her entire face, we caught up with Salwa to find out how she turns the everyday into her own masterpieces.

“Colour is important to me. It’s not about the adornments you wear, but instead about being authentic to yourself” she tells us. Rooted in her South Asian and Balgladeshi background, Salwa is endlessly influenced by the culture it has blessed her with and by association the vibrancy that comes with it.

Using Instagram as a platform has allowed for Salwa to play with new features, transitions and showcase her work to a much wider audience via the year-old feature Reels. On this topic, she lets us know that she doesn’t feel the same drive as other creators. In fact, she was surprised at the far reach Reels has, how they allowed her to access a new section of Instagram but she’s also keen to stress that you don’t have to “know it all, straight away” to create amazing content. Salwa emphasises that some of her favourite Reels users keep it super stripped back yet are wholly effective.

At the moment she’s a massive fan of poet Adéṣayọ̀ Tàlàbí aka @simplysayo, “she makes beautiful poems with a message.” Regarding beauty inspo Salwa lets us know that she’s a massive fan of drag queens and non-binary creators at the moment. Special shoutout to @zaddyza1n (they/them).

Focusing back on herself Salwa feels like her favourite look at the moment are those she makes abstract. A swan, clown and crab are all in her wheelhouse and in terms of creating looks she just goes for it! She tells us that her looks can sometimes take hours to complete so often Reels aren’t her top priority, but “having fun with it, especially your transitions” can really encourage you to turn on the camera and create something special.

Salwa is also keen to tell us how “staring at your face for two-plus hours gets really weird”, so to combat this she takes a lot of breaks whilst creating and wants people to know that, “it’s important not to apply pressure on yourself”. “Explore, take time and have fun” she tells us and most importantly giving @Simplysayo a run for her money, she leaves us with this gem, “you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when making a Reel”.

Follow Salwa Rahman on Instagram here.

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