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‘A Piece of Me’Exhibition of the Film By Sara Elgamal

by Catarina Ramalho

'A Piece Of Me' is a three-part documentary that celebrates the strength and stories of women who refuse to be defined by their past trauma.

Sara Elgamal is an international Filmmaker, who’s compelling and high-quality visuals shake the perceptions of underrepresented regions and it’s people.

‘A Piece of Me’, her newly released, breathtaking three-part documentary, strives to harness awareness towards the practice of Female Genital Mutilation at a global scale.

“Early in the project, I decided that I had to do everything I could to represent the women in the way that I understood them to be,” – Elgamal comments on the project   – “Their past traumas continue to affect their current life, and it was important to me to relay how dignified, powerful, beautiful and complex they were. I decided to pivot from the traditional narrative about FGM – one that we’ve been told where the story usually ends at the point where the trauma occurs. I wanted to celebrate these women.”

By furthering the narrative around the women affected by it, Elgamar supports education on this global epidemics, intending to ignite conversation on the need to take action against it.

Shot in the desert of the Afar region in Ethiopia, Elgamal immerse viewers in the surroundings of three of its survivors – Zahra, Abida and Khadija -highlighting the strength, resolve and beauty of the women who survive the trauma of being cut, with the aim of furthering the narrative around the issue as one that affects the lives of millions of girls and women in the region.

The three-piece documentary was produced in collaboration UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. You can attend a screening and fully immersive experience in London, this upcoming Tuesday, July 9th, at Protein Studios. Book your tickets, here.


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