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by Tori Sharp

Dubbed the next big star to come out of Australia – Olivia Deeble has now cracked the US.

Coming from an Australian acting dynasty, Olivia Deeble had her work cut out to put her own stamp on the industry but having landed a role in the latest Disney+ blockbuster, she is certainly branching out! The Secret Society of Second Royals is the most recent franchise that Disney has come up with, and we spoke to Olivia about gaining this coveted role and what she hopes her future will look like. 

She has been referred to as the ‘next Margot Robbie’ and it is not hard to see why. Having completed a three-year-long stint in Home and Away, she now has her sights set on Hollywood. Olivia tells us that the call informing her that she got the Disney+ role came the day after she moved back to Melbourne, having completed her Home and Away contract, “I wanted the role so badly that I cried when I found out. I didn’t even unpack my bags from Sydney and I was straight on a plane from Melbourne to Toronto!”

The film, as the name suggests, follows a group of ‘second-born Royals’ through their discovery of their superpowers and their adventures in saving the world. Think X-Men meets The Princess Diaries, a combination I can certainly get behind.

Growing up in a family of actors meant that from a young age, Olivia was surrounded by all things thespian. Upon realising that she could perform and act for a job, she “begged (her) parents for an agent” and hasn’t looked back since. Lockdown has meant that all projects have been put on hold but has allowed her to finish her final year of school with full concentration, but looking forward, Olivia cannot wait to get back in front of the camera. “Being back in the US working is definitely part of the plan as well as more great Australian projects, and I would also love to act in France.” While we wait for her next project to be announced, we can anticipate the release of The Secret Society of Second Royals on the 25th September 2020.

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