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Our Class of 2019ROB RACO

by Malvika Padin

Having played the role of “Joaquin”, in CW’s popular live-action version of the Archie comic’s Riverdale, as well as playing “Clark Barker” in long-running series Supernatural, the actor – who studied under the intense method training of legendary acting coach Eric Morris- says he wants to do roles that challenge both his mind and body.

“I’ve always been drawn to the art of boxing rather than the physicality – so I’d love to work towards something like that! It’s so fun to put on all the different masks we have inside and commit to one for a period of time.”

Speaking of a moment in his career that he holds dear, he mentions a heartfelt fan encounter, he says, “Having this young fan approach me, saying how my character in Riverdale has given her the strength to finally “come out” and be herself. Connections like those are why I continue to grow as an artist. To share and create these moments together.”

As far as future endeavours are concerned, he hopes only to achieve the ability to take a step back and appreciate the art he has created, before focussing on the moments ahead. He says,”. I feel like we get caught up in materialistic goals too much, so this is an opportunity to appreciate the colours I’ve spread this year.” Besides this and filming new projects, Rob says he also wants to focus more on fashion and music in the coming year, giving the well- rounded actor a lot to look forward to.

This feature was originally written for our print volume #28.

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