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Our Class of 2019WILL TUDOR

by Malvika Padin

Talented and charming British actor Will Tudor is best known for playing Olyvar from season 3- 5 of cult fantasy series Game of Thrones. This versatile sci-fi star who has graced our screens with his presence multiple times is someone we’d be hard pressed not to know considering how quickly he’s collected roles and is rapidly on the rise.

With upcoming ITV biopic ‘Torvill and Dean’, with Tudor taking on the role of a young Christopher Dean, is a whole new challenge for the actor who is used to the world of researching for sci-fi. He says, “It was an extraordinary experience really. Not only because I had to learn a whole new skill for it, but also playing someone who is a real person, who is still alive is quite daunting. But everyone was so wonderful, and it was great fun.”

Speaking about the preparation undertaken for the role he says, “The preparation involves interviews, but also extrapolating from these interviews what their private face is in addition to the side of them they are showing in the interview. It was really good trying to delve into their lives a little. It was a bit detective work, trying to unmask as much as possible.”

Moving onto roles he’d like to take up he mentions his stage background and his wish to be able to tackle some Shakespeare in the future. He says, “I get really restless unless I’m challenged, so I really like roles that push me, roles that allow me to be creative, have fun, and develop as an actor as well.”

From Game of Thrones, and to now the playing a titular role in the one-off biopic, the talented actor mentions that he also wants to delve more into his other passions of music and photography in the upcoming year.

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