A Love Letter to Phil and Holly – The saviours of daytime TV

Brigid Harrison-Draper /
Jun 11, 2018 / Opinion

Uni is over, you aren’t working today and you have no reason to get up before 1pm.

But you do and it’s not because Homes under the Hammer is on. Tune into ITV 1 from 10.30am and you’ve got the King & Queen of daytime TV, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. There’s no better way to spend days off than watching the pair talk about the burning topics in British culture, like the top summer phone cases or the best luggage tags for travelling to eastern Europe.

Let’s start of with the connection between to two. Daytime TV is dependent on chat shows and that requires presenters who really get on, Susanna and Piers? Not so much, that’s why they stick to the morning hours of TV. Since 2009, the pair have been providing TV gold, reasons to get up and jaw dropping hilarious moments that nobody could script. It’s a natural relationship between the pair, no need to pretend to get on or throw sly comments across the sofa, the pair provide a tranquil conversation to wind us down after watch The Jeremy Kyle Show. Genuine friendship makes a genuine cracking chat show, so cheers Phil & Holly for making us feel comfortable when we watch you every morning (exc Fridays).

Now, it’s time to thank Phil & Holly for always getting the most out of interviews no matter who they’re talking to. Over the past 9 years, This Morning has welcomed the likes of One Direction, Charles and Camilla and that couple who can orgasm for 18 hours. It doesn’t matter if they’re talking to a rising star, royalty or people trying to raise awareness over troubling issues, Phil & Holly are always prepared to ask the questions we want and need. One moment springs to mind, remember that time Katie Hopkins was on This Morning and discussed about naming your children after places is ridiculous? Holly replied “isn’t your daughter called India?”. She went there and we are all glad she did. Professionalism mixed with a general passion to find out more from the guests is what makes Phil & Holly the best presenters on TV, who else could interview a person trying to raise awareness over mental heath and a Youtube sensation in the same hour, being able to adapt to the style of interview being offered to them.

It wouldn’t be right to ignore the number of times Phil & Holly have made us spit out of morning coffee in laughter over their discussions live on TV. Remember that time Phil said ‘All that men want for christmas is cock’? Or that time they presented This Morning without any sleep after the NTA’s? And who can forget when Gino D’Campo compared his Grandma to a bike after Holly said his meal tasted like a ‘British carbonara’? Everyday something happens on This Morning that we can’t help but laugh out loud to and that’s what we need at 10.30am when we question why are we even up at this time when uni is closed.

Here’s to you Phil and Holly, thanks for making those early morning’s worthwhile (allow that episode that saw the ponies poo live on TV, not so worthwhile). The saviours of daytime TV, our Phil and Holly.

Images courtesy of ITV Studios.

Words by Brigid Harrison-Draper

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