Listen to ‘London’, the latest offering from Abroad

Niall Flynn /
Jan 26, 2017 / Music

Abroad are an electronic duo hailing from Sydney. Currently residing in London, their EP takes the name of their temporary home.

Created during Will Cruger and Jack Dawson’s travels, Abroad are an up-tempo mixture of funk and falsetto, bringing together guitar melodies and strung-out, dance floor beats. London – which includes lead singles Time and Say You Want It – is a harmonious coming together, in which the alternative sounds shaped by bands such as Foals and Wild Beasts are given a sun-soaked, housier treatment. It’s fun.

Being away from home changes our outlook a lot,”, says Cruger. “You feel like you’re in a musical bubble in Australia. Being abroad is very liberating, limitless. But at the same point, we write with scenes from home in mind ie the beaches.

Dawson agrees. “Being abroad allows us to be who we want to be – we are unknown and are the new kids on the block”.

It’s a loose-footedness that translates into the sounds Abroad create. London is an active musical process, that bounces from one track to the next like a plane-hopping traveller. Check it out below.

Words by Niall Flynn

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