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AJ Tracey Now Has His Own Burger

Grime is important. As are burgers. Imagine the positivity a united movement could bring. In the words of the famous, age-old proverb: “man can never truly rest until the pioneers of UK underground form a harmonious union with the medium-rare double patty.” I mean, the Berlin Wall coming down was something, but c’mon. Grime and burgers. Grime and burgers.

Thankfully, AJ Tracey and Notting Hill’s Boom Burger recognise this. They recognise that this strained, imperfect world needs a dual saviour. They recognise that they have a responsibility. Alas, they give you: The AJ Tracey Boom Burger.

Following a shout-out in the grime artist’s video for ‘Leave Me Alone’ (“Boom burger, double cheese, no onions’) these two, opposite forces have come together when we need them most. The AJ Tracey Boom Burger succulent Jamaican fried chicken, Boom’s very own special buffalo sauce and a tangy slaw – plus the double cheese that AJ recognises as so fundamentally important in this fractured, precarious life.

It’s available until the end of the month. Don’t you dare miss this.

Boom Burger, 272 Portobello Road, Notting Hill, W10 5TY

Words by Niall Flynn

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