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Alexandra Savior Sets Out to Conquer the World

Alexandra Savior and Alex Turner (The Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets) are not fucking about. Savior’s voice is powerful but hypnotic and Turner’s desert-inspired lead guitar wails and weaves in and out of the foreground anchored by 80s-inspired percussion and that filthy low end groove. They have written a new album together and Shades leads the charge, an infectious, warped spaghetti western soundtrack of a single that showcases Alexandra Savior’s beautiful versatility.

I send an email from my in front of my TV in deepest Somerset, England to a nice lady named Chloe who passes it on to Alexandra somewhere stateside. I imagine that she is probably doing something much more glamorous than watching Neighbours as she reads it. I marvel that 2016 is a crazy time to be alive; a combination of fantastic technology and deathly malaise tempered by beauty and atrocity in equal measures. Who else would she like to work with?

Alive I would say Adrian Young. Dead, I would say Johnny Cash.”

I ask her how she feels about her half a million plays (and counting) on Spotify.

Well this is news to me! Haha! I wasn’t really aware it was that outrageous actually. I have been getting a lot of reports from my friend and family members back in Portland letting me know whenever one of my tunes comes on the local radio station, this feeling is indescribable. I feel overwhelmed that my city is supporting me even in its abandonment. It’s surprising to me how quickly it’s all happened.”

She moonwalks and stumbles alternately through the dry lunar landscape with flashes of bright yellow flowers, hauling a mysterious briefcase through the challenging terrain. Perhaps it contains a dead cat or the golden glowing something from Pulp Fiction? Perhaps it is something entirely new. Whatever it is, Alexandra Savior is coming to take over, starting with Hamburg and London at the end of September. I’m curious to know what she’s plotting next.

An album that I’m about to drop like a glitter water snake toy. Also lots of touring, videos to be made, answers to questions, writing, probably mucho tears.”

World, watch out.

Words by David Sealey

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