alxxa is ready to breakout with ‘Body’

Naureen Nashid /
Apr 9, 2018 / Music

Electro-pop singer, alxxa aka Alex Saad, first caught people’s attention with her single “Nobody” back in January of last year.

The song ran up the charts of Spotify’s US Viral 50 as well as other playlists, such as New Music Friday and Women of Electronic. Following the success of that, she released two more singles called ‘Pistol’ and ‘Hung Up,’ and cites BANKS, Florence and the Machine, and Tove Lo as some of her influences.

The singer, who grew up in Delaware but is now based in LA, came back stronger than ever this year with the release of her newest single ‘Icy Love.’ It speaks of a breakup that alxxa went through last year, which also happens to be the major theme in her newest EP, Body. “It’s kind of sharing the process, like going through the break up and when you’re moving on and realizing that you deserve better, and then when you want some fresh, body on body love,” she explains.

Both the EP and the music video for ‘Icy Love’ have dropped, making it the first big project that alxxa has put out in five years. When she first started writing the songs for the EP, they were sad and emotionally raw, which her fans are possibly going to be able listen to later. However, save for one song, the title-track ‘Body,’ that’s described as “uplifting and a little bouncy.”

alxxa is ready to breakout with 'Body'

‘Icy Love’ is one of the songs that alxxa finds herself still jamming out to. It came together in the entirety of 4 hours. She says, “Some songs do take a little longer to hash out, but that one was just a lot of fun and it was different.”

In the music video, alxxa is seen going for a night out in town with her girl friend, trying to move on from her relationship and ex-boyfriend. The visualizations jump back and forth between the storyline of the girls having fun and robbing a liquor store, and then a rose shattering along with a stuffed animal being hammered, both of which the ex presumably gave her. alxxa had a lot of fun shooting for it. She says, “That’s the fun part of shooting music videos. You’re just able to have this fun party day and you capture it on film.”

What sets alxxa apart is her artistry, not only when it comes to her music, but also her Instagram. Before, alxxa said she really struggled to “find her voice” on the app. “A lot of people really have a good grasp on Instagram, like capturing dope pictures everyday and posting them in a cohesive way, and making it funny and engaging. I am funny and engaging in my own way, but I was struggling to do that with pictures.”

Anything she tried posting didn’t feel satisfying enough until the release of her song ‘Hung Up’ when alxxa wanted to do something different to announce it. She ended up drawing a picture of her back with lyrics of the song drawn around it. Separating the picture into four smaller pictures, she formed a grid layout, and continues to do that today. “It makes me feel much more gratified when I post it because it’s something that I created and it feels much more relevant than some random picture that doesn’t really mean anything.”

This upcoming summer, alxxa is hoping to release an album, putting together several songs from the catalog of songs she has from the past year. She’s also releasing another single next month.

While there is no tour set in stone for her new music, she is planning to settle that soon and get on the road to perform.

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Words by Naureen Nashid

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