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Premiere: Ash Shakur releases video for ‘Star Crossed Or Not’

Ash Shakur is a modern day Renaissance Man. He’s a talented illustrator, designs his own clothes – and has written a children’s book. His new single, Star Crossed or Not, is out, too – with a video to accompany it. What did you do today?

Star Crossed or Not sees Shakur in playful form, zipping between spoken word and nonchalant story rap with fluctuating glee. ‘”I can’t be your Romeo / You can’t be my Juliet” he informs us during the track’s opening, before setting out his own version of the historic love story in his trademark flow.

Speaking on the track, he says: “Here is a narrative of two Star crossed lovers or not .The theme was created off Romeo and Juliet. The song focuses on modern day relationships and the fact some could lead to a dead-end or the fear of till death do us part,

Many things factor into why our generation may not always feel the need to get married and be with the same partner forever for ever ever for ever ever. I wanted to take a well-known Shakespeare play and give it my twist and flip the narrative around.”

It’s a jocular take on the notion of monogamy, with Shakur proving his worth as one of the UK’s most interesting names in rap. He’s a unique voice, at his most comfortable from a distance; he’s an observer, a storyteller. Star Crossed or Not is a musical showcase for one of the country’s most fascinating, multi-layered creatives.

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Words by Niall Flynn

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