Avalanche Party are ready and capable to save you from David Dickinson

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Jul 17, 2017 / Music

When you ask a band how they formed, you’re usually met with tales of childhood friendships, like-minded unions and simply being in the right place, at the right time.

In Avalanche Party’s case, you have Greek philosopher, Socrates, to thank for their formation. After appearing in a collective dream and informing them that they had to save music from the “evil David Dickinson”, the troop ventured to his Bollington Castle lair one cold evening before unearthing a dusty cage in his basement – “We bust it open and there it was; music. All music. Wicked White Reggae, Celebratory Cajun Congas, Arpeggios, Flams, Status Quos & The Jams, coming at us in a great Wagnerian crescendo.”

I could be wrong, but I think Avalanche Party are taking the piss. Either that or they’ve got the best genesis story in history. After a rummage in the dusty cage, they’re clearly doing something right; they’ve just cleaned up a “brilliant” European tour which included playing climbing wall twister in Oberhausen and receiving electrical shocks in Strasbourg, released their latest single ‘I’m So Wet’, (brims with vigour and has the slinkiest of riffs) and had their song ‘Revolution’ featured on the new grindhouse TV series, ’Blood Drive’. Pretty fucking mental. “It’s a cool thing to tell your family that you’re gonna be on US telly and luckily our Gran really likes watching cars eat people. We’ve watched every episode since.”

The band derive from North Yorkshire where “there are circumstances and situations you encounter that won’t effect 90% of the UK population, such as being snowed in for weeks”. There’s a coarse beauty to the Yorkshire Moors, a silent remoteness under repressive grey skies, no parameters but just seemingly innumerable landscape. You can see how it’s woven into the band’s mentality, pushing those boundaries with a wild-eyed intensity. “We have the reverse of the typical songwriter going out to the country for two weeks to write; we’ll go to a city for two days and feel inspired. I think that’s why we like touring, it’s always exciting going somewhere where there’s a One Stop.”

Speaking of tours, in September they’re set to join And Yet It Moves for a formidable fusion. AYIM is the brainchild of Dale Barclay, ex-Amazing Snakeheads, force of nature and of which Avalanche Party are huge fans. With two of the countries most potent live bands under one roof, how does one prepare for such depravity? “We’re gearing up with the usual diet of rabbit stew and brown rice and intense netball games; we’re gonna be in top condition. We’ve taken life insurance policies out on those guys and we’ll be watching for stragglers.”

Talk moves to Buckfast, the crimson tonic wine, that is publicly endorsed by any band worth listening to in 2017. The band previously cited it as an inspiration to their music so I was intrigued as to why it holds such high regards amongst guitar bearers. Alongside its “truly amazing flavour” there’s the sheer fact “it’s not as ostentatious as a Chataeuneuf Du Pape, it’s got some grit about it,  and is good for the image.” Holy water made by Benedictine monks or the latest syrup-thick symbol  of our countries rampant alcohol problems, you decide.  “We wrote a carefully worded email to Buckfast asking for sponsorship but they declined,” the band inform me. “We’re going to learn some more careful words and try again.” I can only wish them the very best in their endeavour. Also, watch out David Dickinson, they’re coming for ya.

Words by Harley Cassidy

Words by HQ

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