Axel Mansoor and Louis Vivet interview each other via text

Tanyel Gumushan /
Oct 11, 2017 / Music

Axel Mansoor and Louis Vivet are a match made in heaven.

Their latest collaboration, ‘Hit Rewind’ is a love song to their shared home of LA and it transports you right to the sunny city.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, the half swooning, half thumping track is juicy and bright; a vibrant blend of classic songwriting infused with breezy electronics. With a hook so sweet it would send a dentist into panic mode, ‘Hit Rewind’ is the perfect slice of pop goodness. Light-hearted, fun and nostalgic – not just for those old VHS video tapes –  it’s a sugared bubble of gum that never loses its flavour.

The pair caught up over text, and asked each other a few questions:

Hey dooder!
Louis Vivet:
Yo what’s up
Les hat
K how does this work haha??
Is there a prompt?
Louis Vivet:
I don’t think so
But let me ask you this:
What are you doing next, releasing music? I feel like all of these unreleased hits you have need to come out.
Hey sorry sitting in front of a computer right now
moved out of the session so we can chaaaat
Haha same goes to you my dude. I honestly -rediscovered like 20-ish songs that I wrote and had completely forgot about
Honestly right now I’m kind of stuck cause I feel pulled between wanting to release singles that will catch people’s attention, and making more of an artistic statement via an EP
Louis Vivet:
Yeah that’s really difficult, but I feel like your songs naturally do both.
What about you? Where’s Louis Vivet headed?
Louis Vivet:
Do you think have an EP of songs already?
or are you focused more on the secret stash of stuff I can’t talk about
I mean in terms of writing I have like 2 EPs or potentially an album
I need to sit myself down and actually make the recordings now ya feel
It’s like as long as they stay in my head  as ideas they’re perfect but who knows what happens once I actually hit record lol
Louis Vivet:
Inline image 1
🔥Buster is the hero of that show
Louis Vivet:
He’s the inspiration behind my next release “the night we met”
It’s a cover of Lord Huron
He’s one of my favourite artists right now
I managed to take the cool folksy sound and turn it into something very Vibey and electronic
Hopefully it’ll be out by thanksgiving
Oh shit I remember that, its very dope. I like it more than the original actually haha
Louis Vivet:
Bless you 🙌
Alright what’s your must have in studio snack
Louis Vivet:
Dude you know how I cook for you when you have a session with me
It’s a 2 meal session at least
damn your must have is your own panini sandwiches
that’s genius
Louis Vivet:
Start with a nice panini then we work our way over to the main course
I’ll admit your panini’s are a must have
Louis Vivet:
The pano Linus
My dad passed the skill down to me
Pano Linus sounds dirty I don’t know why
Louis Vivet:
I’m into it
It’ll be the name of my next panini/song/child
Goddamn this is making me hungry and my fridge is sadly empty
I think my fridge spends most of it’s time being empty inside, just like our president
Louis Vivet:
Call me anytime you have an empty fridge
I’ve got beats and food
All anyone really needs
When are you playing next
I’ll bring a nice lasagna to the green room
Louis Vivet:
don’t yell at me
I’m playing oct 14th sofar sounds San Diego!
Louis Vivet:
I hate when we fight
we wouldn’t have to fight if you weren’t wrong all the time
Are you playing any gigs?
Louis Vivet:
No I’m just making music right now, I’m trying to release as much music as possible right now
I’m producing a couple projects for other artists right now too… def something to look out for
I’m really loving the studio right now
You work super quickly dude its so nice. I’ve definitely experienced doing sessions with people who work real slow and it can be frustrating.
Let me know when those new songs drop!
Louis Vivet:
Yeah, I’ve actually had a couple of projects that moved really slowly, and I found it so hard to finish them when taking too long between sessions. I feel like if you have a good idea you just have to stay up and get it out
You work mad quickly too though
I think that’s why ‘Hit Rewind’ came so naturally
When the spirit gets you hehehe
Sometimes it feels like a race to get it all out before the valve gets closed
Louis Vivet:
Haha yeah that’s the struggle
Speaking of I’m in the middle of making a really emotional and epic pop song right now
What a day
I’ve been working for 9 hours straight
Emotional and epic are what I’m all about
I’m making a sexy d’angelo kinda song in a session with some homies haha
Louis Vivet:
That sounds awesome
Snap me some of it
I’ll trade you
Some emotional pop for sexy sounds
I think we did good

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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