BAUM’s Holiday Gift Survival Guide

Tanyel Gumushan /
Dec 8, 2017 / Music

Some things are just effortless.

Be it doing that one thing you love more than anything else in the world, falling into somebody’s arms at the end of a day, or head over heels for a song that you’ve heard for the first time. The vocal that songstress, BAUM possesses is effortlessly chameleon changing; slickly ranging from being sugary sweet to viper sharp, but always lined with a slight danger and endearment.

By day Sabrina Teitelbaum studies at USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music in Los Angeles, but by night she’s a pop-rock wunderkid named BAUM, with a whole load to say. On her appropriately named track, ‘Effortless,’ she twists her sadness from watching a broken hearted friend, into utter anger. Roaring into a sonic hook so huge that it knocks straight into the subconscious, BAUM is a powerful force to be reckoned with – gritty yet soulful, tortured yet strong.

Now you’ve received a gift in the form of your track of the season, as the holidays approach, BAUM shares her perfect gift ideas.

1. Their favourite record in vinyl! 

“Giving someone a tangible version of their favorite album is super meaningful. It shows them you care, you know what music they like, and it gives them something they can have forever. You can get this at Urban Outfitters or at any local record shop! Used vinyl can be as cheap as 20 or so, and goes up from there.”

2. Merch (tee or sweatshirt) from their favourite TV show or band. 

“I love getting people Grey’s Anatomy sweatshirts. Websites like Red Bubble and Society 6 are great for finding merch. Here‘s one sweatshirt I love for $23.96 from Wild Hearts USA.”

3. Funky earrings

“Like little hamburgers or emojis, which are super easy to find on!”

4. (For musicians) loop pedals! 

“You can find these from $66 and up on I would recommend the TC Electronic Ditto Looper, which goes for $66-100 on the website.”

5.  Hawaiian shirts from your local thrift shop

“Because who doesn’t love a good dad shirt?”

6. Edison lamps

“These are amazing for any home, college dorm, etc. The warm light makes a room feel extremely cozy. You can get them from Urban Edison for $39!”

7. Patches from Unemployed Denim

“They have every patch under the sun and putting a little personalised set together makes a thoughtful and special gift for less than $20!”

8. feminist gear from Bulletin! 

“They have girl power hats ($25), Ruth Bader Ginsburg tees ($42), etc! You’ll probably end up buying a little something for yourself if you end up going here…”

9. If you’re buying a gift for an animal lover and you wanna go all out, get vegan low top Docs

“These are my favorite shoes. They’re around $120 without a sale but the person you get them for will end up wearing them everyday. If someone got me these I’d probably fall in love with them immediately. Just make sure you’re confident in their size.”

10. Concert tickets to see their favourite indie artist. 

These are usually pretty affordable, $18-30. You can look on the artists website or you can look at the calendars of smaller local venues by you. This makes for a great gift and a really fun night.

For example, I’d buy tickets to see Bahamas in February or Porches in March for $18. Those are some of my favorite bands coming into LA in the next few months.



Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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