Becky Hill talks pushing the boundaries of pop

Tanyel Gumushan /
Sep 27, 2017 / Music

Becky Hill is a woman who enjoys a challenge.

She’s come out stronger on the other end of a stint on reality TV, overcome doctor’s orders when suffering with vocal nodules, and taken on one of the biggest challenges of all. Pop music. And she is absolutely acing the game. You’d better believe it.

“I want to do it on my own terms and push boundaries by making music that isn’t generic.” she tells me, “I’ve never taken the easy route and I didn’t wanna start now.”

The recently released EKO EP signifies that for the songstress. Ditching her past record label and releasing it on her own, “nothing will stop me,” she promises, “It’s a great reminder of that determination.” That very motivation shapes the sound of the four tracks; a perfectly blended collection that effortlessly move into each other intertwined with the same motive; and together pack a punch in their strength.

“For a lot of it I was coming to terms with certain aspects of my life.” Becky admits, “I’d been through a bit of a rough patch with love in general… it’s a theme, I admit.”

The EKO EP as a whole is a slick rollercoaster of emotion; baring soul against a smoky night-time backdrop, the songs tempt dancing throughout the heartbreak. She explains how ‘Rude Love’ was a documentation of a time where she’d “gone through hell.” Retaliating with the fierce track, it acts as a sassy snap-back from mistreatment; all heavy beats and push-away viper lyrics. Continuing the story, ‘Back to my Love’ is a dancefloor ready anthem of “acceptance” that demands that you check yourself and know your worth. ‘Warm’, Becky laughs, is a track where she was “fed up with single life” and craving the tactile intimacy that plump the sultry RnB beats. Pulling inspiration from the weather; a thunder storm that provided the backdrop for a session at Shift K3y’s house, the stormy beats rumbled into the rhythm. “I’d just been on a plane for the first time and was amazed there were blue skies above the clouds!” Becky lushes, making the feverish hook come to life. “Me and Lewis curated the track from classical Bach midi files he had and we wrote ‘Warm’ from the weather around us. It’s one of my favourite sessions I’ve ever had.”

The EP journey has a happy ending, in the form of ‘Unpredictable’. Written for somebody else, soon after Becky coincidentally found her boyfriend and learned the meaning of the words she’d written. “I have a monthly writing session where I write over dance beats that I get sent. [‘Unpredictable’] wasn’t being used and there was this amazing production that had randomly come back.

“After a couple of years of back and forth I finally got the song to be mine.” It’s difficult to believe that the song could belong to anybody else. With thick, glossy electronics at the base, a gorgeous gospel tint, and varnished with Becky’s statement powerhouse vocal, ‘Unpredictable’ is locked in as her own. If anything, it’s her defining song so far – a song that captures the whirlwind and relentlessness throughout. It’s a song that secures her prowess as a beautifully unconventional popstar.

After years of background success, Becky admits; “I was desperate to have my own music out. Bear in mind some of these songs I had in the bank for 3 years. It was almost a relief to show people I’m more than just a featured vocalist.” Explaining how she quickly learned that the music industries are very much “dog eat dog”, it’s all about finding people who have your back and that’s what has helped her to keep pushing through the challenges. “I kinda have this opinion that you only fail at ‘making it’ by quitting. Quitting is way easier than actually pushing through the knock backs.”

Becky Hill makes songs that nestle in the young heart and provide cathartic release of negative energy through big, bold movements. Singing loud and singing proud, that stratospheric voice of hers is as big as the impact that the songs have.

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Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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