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Before The Show: Paradisia

Prior to their Lexington show on 9th December, Anna Pesquidous swapped her harp for a camera to document all of the backstage goings-on.

Check out the snaps below for an insight into the trio’s pre-show ritual.


1. This is the first show we’ve played with a logo’d drum. Our Paradisia logo was designed by a friend of ours, “Floating Studio”, and Kristy and I (Anna) made the backdrop image that is the cover artwork of our second single “Silent Lover”. We got the fabric from Shepherd’s Bush and shot it in my back garden this summer. It’s quite something to now see it on stage.


2. Sophie-Rose setting our merch stand- she’s good at making things work in space visually, something I’m useless at. We all complement each other in our skills. Kristy hand stitched these denim jackets for us and I hand drew the lettering on it. They’ve also got our initials at the front.


3. Sophie mid soundcheck, trying to get our vocal levels right- it’s always hard at first to get the sound good, it takes a bit to be able to hear ourselves properly on stage and we need clarity as Kristy and Sophie harmonise a lot together, there’s also a harp that’s tricky to work, and sometimes four of us are singing at the same time. Sophie makes sure everyone gets heard.


4. This photo is pre show and was taken by Chiara, a photographer from the 405 who came to spend the day with us BTS and kindly agreed to step in on this one. We wanted a shot of the 3 of us all together as that’s where we are at our strongest.


5. Kristy’s statement all red outfit is becoming her thing.


6. Kristy modelling our merch tshirt- the image on it was actually the original concept for “Silent Lover”s cover artwork but we ended up liking the fabric shot so much we made this option into a T-shirt. Part of the inspiration for it was the brilliant instagram account “look_at_this_pussy”. I shot this in my kitchen, a martini glass filled with a terrifying mixture of coffee and wine to get the right colour in the glass and Kristy modelling the body wrapped up in the same fabric that constitutes the Silent lover artwork.


7. Sophie reflecting on what to play next to practice before the show, maybe “Dreamer” one of our new songs. This one is also shot by Chiara (the 405) during soundcheck.


8. Currently we’re covering Tame Impala’s “Cause I’m a Man” in our set and for this song Kristy and Jonny swap instruments- Kristy on guitar and Jonny on keys. We’ve been Tame Impala fans since the start and wanted to give a feminine take on this massive tune.


9. An interesting shot of Anna taken by Sophie-Rose, we quite liked this shot as it depicts Anna’s shy/ introvert personality quite well, it’s very close yet blurred out, it doesn’t give too much away.


10. This is Jonny our guitarist who also does brilliant backing vocals and recently co-wrote one of our new songs with us, “Dreamer” that we’re really excited about.


11. Fabio on the drums, he hates having his picture taken despite being a very good looking man.


12. Willobass, who has somehow ended up having to live and be forever named by his Instagram handle.


13. We love wearing our matching jackets together. It’s the idea of it being a uniform and makes us feel united!


14. Sophie-Rose and Kristy harmonising, they’re so in tune with each other sometimes it’s hard to know who’s singing what, they naturally follow each other to a T- it never ceazes to amaze me.


15. Chiara Gambuto shot this one, about to go on stage.

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Words by Niall Flynn

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