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Behind the lyrics with Lancey Foux

Lancey Foux is breaking boundaries and pushing limits.

Crafting his own intelligent and charismatic identity of grime and grunge, RnB and trap, the rapper uses razor sharp lyricism to cut through personal verses to hook heavy, quick-witted chorus.

Latest release, ‘Left Home’, tells Foux’s travels to LA, where he’s introducing his bold new take on hip hop. A track designed to make you move, to feel the words in the tips of your fingers and move as they rush through the blood forcing you to let loose.

Living on a diet of the greatest of wordsmiths, we got to know Lancey’s story behind the lyrics, and the lyrics behind the story.

Future – ‘Good Dope’

“I do good dope, I got a good hoe”

“I don’t relate to a lot of songs directly but I relate to this one almost pin point, not just through lyrics but the whole aura of the song is what is inside me, if you’ve never met me I think this song could let you know about a side of me. Real greaze.”

Homeshake – ‘Heat’

‘The whole track lyrically’

“This song just releases me, My boy Bakar put me on this, it has real feeling and songs that can can immediately emit feelings inspire me because that’s what I hope my music will start to do to my listeners.”

Lancey breaks down what some of the most important lyrics in his new track ‘Left Home’ mean, and articulates on them further.


“Tom Jones, classic man, gang style, taliban”

“Tom Jones was someone that to me epitomises like that classic style. Like he came clean and had that old man classic swag, when off it. ‘Ima tryna be a classic man, gang style taliban’ is me just showing love to the ones around me we love each other it ain’t no gang shit but I come from a place where you do anything for your brothers so it’s more to relate to that.”

“I came home better than I left serious. I left home and did it all again I know. You wanna find where I am? You wanna stay where I am? I came home better than I left serious. I left home and did it all again yeah”

“This part kinda highlights the basis of the whole song. I just feel like the best people or most people really evolve themselves once they leave home. I personally took this inspiration from LA, I made this song the first day I got to LA in 20 minutes or maybe less. It just felt right the words pretty much came straight away and it wasn’t really nothing. I make music all the time and they all start as freestyles so I’m really just saying what’s on my head, by the time I was back in London the song made more sense than ever.

“I feel like everyone can relate to leaving where the from and coming as an improved version of themselves. I’m speaking to everyone whether you left to go school far away or went to jail and returned as a better version of yourself it’s really for everyone on the come up.”

“I put the money in the middle,  made the middle man dance”

“I’m a leader by nature, of course you gotta work your way up to say that but naturally I’m a leader. Any situation I get into by nature at some point I take charge, but I love seeing people happy, and I love making people dance. You gotta be a special person, music, money to make a person dance.”

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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