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Behind the Scenes of the ‘Paranoid’ music video with Ruby Francis

We’ve all been there. We’ve snooped, found something that we didn’t like, and half kicked ourselves for looking in the first place.

In her own slice of RnB goodness, Ruby Francis tells her side of the story in ‘Paranoid’; a lush, sensual track that toys with innocence and goodness.

From it’s slick opening line; “you caught me wide awake, scrolling through your pictures, wondering who this bitch is” to it’s soulful, relaxed hook that nestles comfortably into the subconscious, ‘Paranoid’ is all about perspective.

We went behind the scenes at the filming of the visuals to learn more about how videos “add another layer of feeling to a track.” 

“Although the lyrics of the song are quite negative, I wanted the video to show the positive aspects.” explains Ruby. With a focus on the chorus lyric “I’d rather be on my own that wonder who’s on the phone”, the message is “saying I’d rather be single, free and have fun with my girl friends rather than be stuck in a relationship that’s going to bring stress.”

A RnB princess reigning in her heir of cool, Ruby adds optimism to blues, stomps over negativity and doesn’t let anything kill her vibe. Kicking back with her friends in the video, she wanted to “keep it nice and light-hearted, and not get too deep” instead, she wants to make people feel good when they watch it.

Documenting a slumber party turn night out, complete with various outfit changes and the perfect winged eyeliner, Ruby says; “I really wanted a video with my friends, where we could just be ourselves, have fun and get silly like we genuinely do when we’re together.”

Filmed at her friend’s house, mainly due to the fact that he has a new puppy named Yasu, the shoot included numerous puppy breaks alongside “lots of silly faces, laughing, twerking, eating and getting lit!” It’s a video that shows both the purity and the importance of friendship. Girls just wanna have fun.

Words by Tanyel Gumushan

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